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    Can Helium 3 & 4 really be frozen?

    I am slightly confused as usual, and seeking clarification? Phase diagrams show Helium reaching absolute zero. Since absolute zero can not be attained are these phase diagrams derived on actual measurements or are they purely theoretical. Or am I missing something ref zero point energy of the...
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    Theory of "Frozen" Arkadius

    Hello everyone.... I published my thoughts , send them to few smart people,forums etc... but....some twisted answers and reactions ...very very strange to me ...everyone is pretending to be the smartes one ,but no one want to understand and listen ....everywhere i tried they banned me calling...
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    frozen pipe bursts

    I wonder does expansion logic apply here or not!!!!!!!!!!! Q)Why do frozen water pipes burst? Would a mercury thermometer break if the temperature went below the freezing temperature of mercury? Why or why not?