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    Forward and Inverse Kinematics

    Imagine that you have a robot that is similar to a wrist with its first two axes. Then, at the end of the second link, you have a translational third link that is orthogonal to the plane that the second link is on. That is, if the zero position for the first two links is in the X-Z plane, the...
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    3D forward dynamics

    Bar AB has mass of m=0.5kg with center of mass G midway between the ends. The bar is moving from the rest by means of 6 DOF motion parallel links of negligible mass. I would like to simulate trajectory of the bar AB. How can I approach this problem? Anybody has an idea?
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    would forward force lessen this angle?

    Suppose you have a person swinging / pushing a racket at a ball at an angle that is between forward and down, so e.g. down to the ground in the distance. That's scenario A. Now scenario B suppose instead, the same person is running and then hitting it with the racket tilt and swing at the...
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    Taylor derivation of three-point forward difference formula

    I have a test early next week on using the Taylor series. Does the attached derivation look correct and is the error term correct? Thank you all for your help so far, especially Dr. Phil.
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    Forward and Backword representation of a plane wave in a medium

    Hi all; In a reflection and transmission problem of light off a dielectric slab or Fabry-Perot resonator, is it necessary to describe the wave in the slab as a sum of forward and backward wave or just a forward wave propagate in the relevant direction is enough. ? knowing that in the above...