1. J

    What is the correct formula to calculate the angle of vector A = 0i + 1j

    I know the angle is 90 degrees. and the formula to calculate the angle of vector A is inverse tan of (Ay / Ax), but Excel returns an error message because Ax is zero. Thanks.
  2. P

    Math for balance physics formula

    No start as time means it. When every unit is 1 as balance, 1m/(sec^2)=1*a. 1m/sec=1*a*t, (1*v=1*a*t). (1/2)*a*(sec^2)=s. (a*t)*t=2*s. t=2*s. 1*s=1*v*t. 2*s=2*v*t, 2*v*t=2*s. 1=1. It is for balance formula 1+1=2.
  3. D

    Enthalpy formula

    Hi guys, I am relatively new in Thermodynamics as I am an electrical engineer. Right now, I am looking for an exact enthalpy calculation formula. The Gas is N2 with Temperature 27C and Pressure 124.73 bar. From a paper the enthalphy is 288.28 kJ/kg. I also found the same answer from online...
  4. F

    inertia formula for con rod

    I am trying to calculate all the forces (in bf) that the connecting rod adds to the engine which influences vibration. I am dividing the rod in between the two ends into four sections and calculating for the middle point of each as if that point had all that sections weight. I am calculating...
  5. P

    Blackhole formula explanation

    Blackhole formula Root(c^2)=c=Root(E/m) from (1+1=2) means energy is same with mass. So when we measure energy with mass, there is no number. (1=1. When we put 2 into equation, 1:2=1:2. It means it is changed 1=1 into 2=2. This means number is changed.) It is black hole. So physics formula...
  6. retrodynamic

    How Can Be Described the Formula of the Retrodynamic Effect?

    *Wordpress Blog State of the Art Novel InFlow Gearturbine Imploturbocompressor Retrodynamic Dextrogiro vs Levogiro Phenomenon Effect. / Rotor-RPM VS InFlow / front to front; "Collision-Interaction Type" - inflow vs blades-gear-move. Technical unique dynamic innovative motion mode...
  7. H

    I need a formula for Horizontal force...

    Hello, I'm trying to find a formula to calculate the horizontal force needed of a ball with mass m, that passes through a point [x,y] in 2-dimensions. The point is d distance away and the vertical force (fVertical) is also known (and gravity is acting upon the ball at -9.807 m/s²). To...
  8. P

    Physics formula from the number

    We cannot use decimal points for the fraction, but for physics formula, we can use decimal points for fraction, so it is more easy to solve the physics formula. This number is just for the speed , as it is just for the physics formula and not the number, so we use it as m/sec as frame. For...
  9. L

    Shear stress formula

    how to get the formula of shear stress (tau) ? i got (-dp/ds -ydz/ds )(r/2) instead of -d(p+yz)/ ds (r/2) as in the book , if it's d(p+yz)/ ds (r/2) m , i would get (-dp/ds -ydz/ds-z(dy/ds) )(r/2) ,, right ?
  10. L

    reynold number formula

    can someone explain why the force of inertia is ρ(V^2)(L^2) , while the viscous force is μVL ?
  11. L

    formula of viscosity

    why the alternative formula of viscosity not = (mass x length ) / ( time x area) ??? for force x time , we would get (mass x length ) / time .....
  12. P

    Formula For Horizontal Velocity

    Hi, just wanting to know if I am using the correct formula. A thrown ball, given the distance thrown and time in the air. Vx0 = x/t Initial Horizontal Velocity = distance thrown / airtime ?
  13. L

    formula of energy

    why the formula of energy not = (P/ ɤ ) + z + (v^2) 2g ? why the formula of energy is only z + (v^2) 2g ?
  14. P

    Black hole formula

    1) Second dimension (x,y) f(x)=y Energy E=m*c^2 2) Third dimension (x,y,z) reality x=y=z Black hole formula Root(c^2)=c=Root(E/m) As mass go the velocity of light, mass become black hole so there are energy as multiply by mass.
  15. B

    Dynamic Spring Rate formula

    Hi guys, I am trying to find a formula to calculate dynamic spring rate. Here is what I have to work with. Spring rate: 200# Static on the car: 1000# Spring travel: 3" Dynamic Load, car going through turns, 2200#
  16. S

    What is the formula to find distance between two satellites in space?

    I want to write program to find the distance between two artificial satellites in space every 't' seconds. My initial inputs are initial velocity, masses , radii, position(x,y coordinates) of both the satellites. Then using Pythagoras theorem I can find the initial distance between the 2...
  17. kelsiu

    Question about lens maker's formula

    I am trying to follow the derivation of lens maker's formula from the textbook "University Physics", p.1133 ( I can understand the first equation because it is just the object–image relationship for spherical refracting surface. But for the...
  18. P

    The line formula

    Still today, the line of object is explained by philosophy as monistic and dualism or just quantum physics. So the philosophy is like the relativity formula until today. But I can understand the line as the figure and shape of the things. The shape of each line nonsense and just puzzle so...
  19. L

    formula of refraction at spherical surface

    i am confused which eqaution to use for formula of refraction at spherical surface , do i need to put a modulus for n2-n1 ? some book gives modulus , while the other book not . which one is correct?
  20. X

    Need help rearranging formula.

    I need help rearranging this formula. I'm doing Atomic Physics dealing with charge to mass ratio. I'm in Grade 12 Physics. Here's the formula: (slope)= √(m/e) I want to rearrange it so I get an equation that equals (e/m). If you could show me how to do it that would be great :)