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    forces and moment

    Hello guys i am trying to solve question A.I just need some help with the few Forces F2 and f3 when only F is applied,i think following forces would act at A Bending at A= F*b torsion=F*a Could you guy help me When: scenario 1: only f2 is acting scenario 2: only f3 is acting
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    Forces and torque at different point

    Hello guys I am trying to solve this problem in excel sheet where i can input different values and know the forces and torques acting at the point . Could any guys guide me how to start off with this problem
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    Magnetic forces and Magnetic fields Homework (in need of help ASAP)

    hi! I really need help in solving this problem. i do not know hot to get the y and z components of the magnetic field vector. who can help me please? A 2.5 nC particle of mass 5.25x10^-6 kg moves through a uniform magnetic field of 7.5 T directed down at 30 degrees in the y-z plane. find the...
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    Forces in vectors Calculation

    Hi please refer to the image for the question.
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    Questions about forces and tensions

    I have difficulty with the following question: An angler of mass 80 kg standing on a riverbank is slowly reeling in a 15 kg fish at the end of a line. The tip of the fishing rod is 8m above the water level, and there are 17 m of line between the tip of the rod and the hook. As the fish come...
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    Hi, will u help me guys? :)

    A special vehicle moves at a speed v on a flat frozen surface Lakes. Maximum force tangent to the surface of the lake, with which the vehicle can operate on this surface, it has an F value and does not depend on its velocity or the angle between the vector of this force and the vehicle speed...
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    How To Calculate Forces Around This HInge?

    I am not a young student. I'm an old man with rotten physics and maths. My plan is to build a sheet metal folder. This kind of thing: Just like a hinge you lay the sheet metal on, across the hinge bit, and then close the hinge up which...
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    What are the collision forces applied to the stops in a moving triple pendulum?

    Hello, it's been a while since I did not use lagrangian mechanics and all this stuff and would bet it's needed for my purpose. Introduction : if I take a simple pendulum and make it collide on its origin with a stop, how much will suffer the stop ? Knowing that the pendulum is subject to an...
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    Thrust force and reistant forces

    Hello Can anyone help with the problem below? "A fresh water storage tank in a factory is shown in the figure above. Its top side is denoted as C, the narrow side as B and the long side as A. In order to allow regular maintenance and cleaning side A is hinged at its bottom edge and secured...
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    What precisely are "inertial" forces?

    This concept seems to be hanging me. It's used in a lot of D'Alembert problems and even on various texts on the web. The wiki page on "D'Alembert's principle" points to a page called "fictitious forces". Except the wiki page on this starts...
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    Triangle of Forces

    So I am still a beginner in Physics and work asked me today to calculate if a 63mm Bore Pneumatic Ram will do the required job. Anyway, so I know how to calculate the weight capacity the ram can handle if it is at a 90 deg angle however if the ram is on an angle then I am stuck. I need to get...
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    Finding centre of gravity using moments

    Can someone please answer Question 13, i do not understand how to approach it.
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    Torque and forces on a rigid triangle body

    Hello everyone, I am not a physicist or student so hoping someone here can help me verify my understanding of calculating torque and forces on a rigid body for a personal project I'm working on. I have the following rigid triangle, made of steel. It has 3 forces working on it. FL is a rod...
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    Leverage and Forces on a Pivot System

    The diagram drawn below shows a lever system fixed to a point on the left with a pivot point (circle) on the line which attaches to vertical line. I have dimensions for Y and Z and the forces pulling the lever down on the right, and the force acting upwards from below. I am trying to work out...
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    Normal and friction forces

    Hi all, I have question(img) ,i would be grateful if some one helps me: There is a friction between A and B only. How i write the forces? Regards, Jack
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    Equilibrium of Forces

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    determine forces in beam with hinges

    Is it possible to find the VA , VB and VC without ' breaking ' the beam into 2 parts ? 2. Relevant equations 3. The attempt at a solution Here's my working , i gt Moment about A = 10(1) -VB(2) -VC(4) +5(3)(4 + (3/2) ) = 0 Hence , 92.5-2VB -4VC= 0 moment about B = VA(2)...
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    Why gas clouds collapse if the forces are conservative?

    Hello all, You all have always kindly helped me as I remember questions I have accumulated since high school days, and have never been answered. Eventually I gave up and forgot them, but as I grow old for some odd reason these things pop back up in my mind, like old ghosts from 35 years ago. So...
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    Forces induced by a vehicle wheel on the ground

    Hi, I was wondering whether anyone can help with a question I have about the forces acting on a car wheel and the forces the wheel induces on the ground surface. The way I understand it, a car wheel traveling on a flat surface has the following forces acting on it: -vertical force due to the...