1. L

    Expression of power

    Power is defined by P=W/t where W is work done and t is the time. If force F is constant, then power can also be P=Fv where v is the velocity, which sort of can be derived from P=W/t=Fs/t=Fv. Since F=ma, also P=mav..........(1) However, if work done is turned into kinetic energy, E=(1/2)mv^2...
  2. J

    What is the normal force in A and B?

    A welded square frame consisting of four equal rods each with mass m and length 2l can move in the vertical plane by means of two small wheels in A and B that move frictionally along a horizontal or vertical track, respectively. The disc is released from rest in a position where the sides of the...
  3. J

    Python script to find drag force on a 2D object given differential pressure vectors

    I am in need of a python program to calculate the drag force on a 2D object, given differential pressure acting on the object-- this will have to be calculated either manually or (hopefully) by the code. I have the exact location of each pressure vector via a .dat file, and would like to know...
  4. bravopipo

    Spring related problem, force time mass and displacement

    Hello, Kindly solve this problem for me, or at least give me the procedure of equation to use. I don't know how to begin because I have not found any relationship that relate spring constant to time. If you find the solution, give me numerical result. We have (see the picture): 1. A...
  5. H

    how do i find force of friction without μ or acceleration

    I need to find the static and kinetic coefficient of a desk for a physics lab. we have pulleys, string, a scale, a "car" and a few other things. How would I find the force of friction?
  6. A

    Young's Modulus: 'how much force can you apply before it breaks' help?

    The question is: "A rope has tensile Young's modulus of 0.64 GPa and a breaking strain of 0.021. The rope is 50m long and has a diameter of 0.015m. What is the maximum tensile force that can be applied to the rope before it breaks in N?" My answer was wrong, and I don't know where to go...
  7. neila9876

    Strong Nuclear Force

    Why must neutron take part in nuclei (except Hydrogen)? If there is really a strong force in nature, it seems that Lord needs not to do that. He wil just use the strong force to overwhelm the electromagnetic force and cosmos seems to be simpler. If you are Lord, what will you do?
  8. S

    Force Equations on a Tripod Stand

    I have been trying to solve a question about a load on a tripod stand. There is vertical load stacked on a tripod stand with a center of mass at a certain distance away from the center hub of the tripod. There is a horizontal force applied at a certain height and the height is known. Need to...
  9. D

    resisting force at a clasp

    Hello, I have the below problem followed by the answer I believe it to be. Would somebody be able to confirm I have got it right as I am not sure?? Hinged water storage is shown below. Its top side is denoted as C, the narrow side as B and the long side as A. Assume water density is...
  10. H

    Problem Force Compression at Boom with Luffing Slink & Hoisting Slink

    Dear Sir Sorry for my English, I an from Indonesia. I have problem to calculate the force compression from the real world that combined tension from luffing slink and hoisting slink (with pulley). I search a ton of source, only can find both of the calculation separately. It is...
  11. L

    Winch pull force - Double Catenary Problem

    Guys, I have a question and maybe you can help me. I will describe the scenario: A winch should pull out the electrical cable configured as shown in the figure 1. In this configuration, two catenaries are present. I would know how to solve the problem if there was only one catenary. However...
  12. M

    Question about Force, Motion and Friction

    I have a problem with this question: A skip of mass 2 tonnes has to be dragged along a track. The coefficient of friction is 0.7. A cable attached to the skip runs horizontally to a winch powered by an electric motor. Using the controls on the motor, the tension in the cable is gradually...
  13. M

    I need help calculating the frictional force

    to calculate the work done by friction. I have that the kinetic coefficient is .09 and I know delta x and i know for the problem the other part of the eq is cos(180).I also know mass is 215 kg. and acceleration is .131 So it is Wf= Ff*1.77*cos180 In the worked out solutions my professor but...
  14. J

    Force on object moving on a curve

    I'm not sure how to approach this problem. We never went over problems like this in class.
  15. J

    Falling Lever - Impact Force

    So as I lay here contemplating back surgery and trying to avoid sneezing the remains of a kidney through assorted orifices, I contemplate a problem - well, the primary "problem" is how long ago College was, but the problem I'm here to explore today is the force generated by a falling lever...
  16. A

    Hi, will u help me guys? :)

    A special vehicle moves at a speed v on a flat frozen surface Lakes. Maximum force tangent to the surface of the lake, with which the vehicle can operate on this surface, it has an F value and does not depend on its velocity or the angle between the vector of this force and the vehicle speed...
  17. C

    Box w/ horizontal force up incline w/ friction

    Alright, I have spent the last 9 hours trying to figure out how on earth I am supposed to determine the horizontal force in this problem. I've got to be missing something obvious. I know that the answer to...
  18. P

    Hydrostatic force on side of tank

    Hi, I would like to know how to calculate the force on side of a water storage tank. Given the water tank size is L=5m, W=4m, H=3m. The tank is fill with water up to 3m high. What is the hydrostatic force exerted on the wall of the storage tanks at a) 1m high b) 2m high c) 3m high d) and at...
  19. H

    Electromotive force

    A rectangular coil of two hundred turns has a length of 0.200m and width 0.120m. The coil rotates with a constant angular speed of 1.20 x 10^3 revolutions per minute about an axis through the midpoints of the two 0.200m sides in a uniform magnetic field of 2.40 x 10^-2 T Starting from a time...