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    Shape of refracting surface for focus

    So this problem is from the Feynman Lectures V. 1 Ch. 27 Geometrical Optics 27–2 The focal length of a spherical surface So I decided to entertain myself, to no avail. Does anyone else know how to solve this? Cheers
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    How to focus multiple light sources as one?

    Hello everyone, I have a simple diy projector project. I got crashed at optical side of the project. First of all, (unfortunately) i decided to use a power LED matrix as light source, because of efficiency, life time etc. Photo of the matrix is given below. Each LED is 1W power LED and...
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    Anamorphic and Spherical Lens Infinity Focus

    New to the forum but stumbled upon this and thought it might be beneficial to query more scientifically minded individuals. I am a filmmaker and use a variety of lenses to acquire certain looks. One of which is anamorphic cinematography. (
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    Find Focus and Mirror

    Hi everyone! So we have the following: Find 1)the mirror and 2) the focus. Here is what I think: the image is virtual, reversed and bigger than the object.The mirror must then be convex and the focus is to the right of the object? If so, how do I locate it exactly?
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    Object at Focus of convex lens

    I see some web saying that for object placed in the focus the image formed will be at Infinity, highly magnified, and inverted . While some web says "No image will be formed" Which one is true?