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    Energy conservation in mixing streams

    Is it correct to apply two separate Bernoullis equation - for sections 1-3 and for 2-3? Why/why not? I ve seen such solution to this problem on the internet but I have some doubts. I think that energy between sections 1 and 3 is not conserved because of energy exchange with the other stream...
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    Finding density of an object with the weight and density of fluid?

    Hello, I am a bit stuck with a question "A large container of water initially reads 0.485 kg. A ball is hung in the air from another set of scales which initially read 0.112 kg. The ball is lowered until it is fully submerged. The readings on both scales are now 0.496 kg and 0.101 kg...
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    fluid mechanics

    fluid mechanics urgent urgent plz help https://d2vlcm61l7u1fs.cloudfront.net/media%2Fa67%2Fa67ea002-5d7e-48a1-8527-7ea9d3680f5a%2FphpHUPwRN.png who able to solve the question?
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    Why the cost per unit of exergy of the working fluid in a turbine keep constant?

    Why the cost per unit of exergy of the working fluid in a turbine remains constant? Dear all, Why the cost per unit of exergy of the working fluid in a turbine remains constant? thanks
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    Fluid Mechanics

    Hi, I'm having trouble with these two questions, can anyone help. Thank
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    Fluid Mechanics help.

    Need help in this problem. I tried doing it using my only limited knowledge (1st time student of fluid mechanics) and I cannot get the answer written. No prof feedback either. this is all i got as a given. At least a hint would be appreciated.
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    Urgent! Fluid Mechanics (Non-Newtonian Fluid)

    A viscous, shear thickening material drains via gravity through a vertical pipe. If the pressure above and below the pipe is atmospheric and the pipe diameter is 50 mm, what is the length of time (s; 0DP) it will take to drain 5000 L of the material. The fluid properties are: density = 950 kg...
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    Fluid dynamics problem

    Can you help me to solve this problem ? A jet-propelled boat is moving at a velocity of 10m/s. The river is flowing against the boat at 5m/s. Assuming the jet flow rate is 0.15m3/s and its discharge velocity is 20m/s, what is the propelling power of this boat? (Jet boats like this are in use.)
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    Fluid Dynamics

    Hi, I have an assignment in my Physics class and I don't know where to start in solving these two problems. I just know I have to use Bernoulli's Equation and Torricelli's Theorem but I don't know how to apply it. :/ Can someone help me? 1. What is the pressure change in methyl alcohol (SG =...
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    Fluid to increase force under same gravity and mass

    if a beaker was filled with 200 cc of water and we tethered a ping pong ball to it's floor and that ping pong ball size is 10 cc . Q1: what will be the weight of the beaker at that time ? (ignore the empty weight, ball and thread) A1 : 200 grams Q2: what will be the weight of the beaker...
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    Fluid Mechanics Question

    Looking for some expertise to help solve a problem. Total noob at this. I have a water main that is being pumped at around 100 GPM. I want to tap off a parallel branch that will run at a lower flow rate < 1GPM for about 3 feet, that branch would then rejoin the main line. How exactly...
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    Greetings all, I am working on a question involving the attached system. I need to find the head required for the pump and its power requirement assuming 70% efficiency. I have the following given information: Pipe Area = 0.00636m^3. Flow(Q)= 0.01m^3/s Average Velocity = 1.57m/s...
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    Rotation and deformation in fluid mechanics

    We can decompose the dUi/dXj to rotation (Rij) and deformation (Sij) matrices. The question is for a solid-body rotation in which U(theta)=Omega*r/2 and U(r)=0 how come Sij=0 but Rij=Rotation! I do not understand how mathematically it is possible. Rij=d(Ui)/d(Xj)-d(Uj)/d(Xi)...
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    Online course coupons for Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics course

    Hi Guys, I am leaving below a link with coupon code for thermo-fluids course. Its basic but still a good course for beginners. You also get a certificate on completion. https://www.udemy.com/introduction-to-thermodynamics-and-fluid-mechanics/?couponCode=TF_F_1_1 Best regards Happy...
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    Fluid flow between tanks

    Water flows at 300K from TANK-1 to TANK-2 through a .1m diameter pipe, with total length 150m and relative roughness epsilon/D=.001. The tanks are large enough so the level remains constant, and the difference between them is 15m (height). Assume atmospheric pressure. The pipe contains 2 90*...
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    Experimental fluid dynamics pda

    Hi All I am planning to do a PDA experiment on a nozzle flow and I am interested to know if someone have done a similar kind of project and if so would like to know how you proceeded with the setup !! Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks in advance. Regards AS
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    fluid dynamics - hopefully an interesting question

    Hi ladies and gents, I am new to the forum. I hope I don't upset anyone with my novice question. I am buying oil coolers for an engine. I have seen many inlet and outlet styles and I can only guess at their internal flow and restriction.I dont have the cash to have them all tested. I was...
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    Fluid Transient in Pipelines

    Hi every one; Transient [Fluid Transient in Pipelines] is result of changing in momentum and momentum is result of changing in velocity. Velocity is a vector parameter. It means that Velocity's change is due to changing in velocity's quantity or velocity's direction. All discussions about...
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    Flow in pipe (fluid mechanics)

    in this network of pipe , the author make the attempts to solve it using ( Q1 = Q2 + Q3) , so delta Q = Q1 -(Q2 +Q3) , the value of head of junction that he gt is 25.2 , with delta Q = (3x10^-3) ( not shown in the working) however, when i tried to solve it using ( Q1 + Q2 = Q3) , which...