1. B

    Problem with turbulent (?) flow prediction

    Hi!! I'm a student of pharmaceutical sciences which means that my physics knowledge isnt that great ahah, if I say a big mistake in the following text, a thousand "sorrys" ahah: So, I am now writing my master thesis and currently I am finishing writing a part where fluid mechanics are...
  2. M

    Atmospheric flow

    What I need is just what does it mean Atmospheric flow? how or where can someone find it in the nature?
  3. M

    Free surface flow

    ''' The surface can move with the fluid and so must be found as part of the solution '''; How can consider the surface as part of solution?! this topic is depends on flowing of fluid with free surface perturbed by an obstacle.
  4. S

    Compressible vs. Incompressible flow

    Hello dears, I have seen many explanations in various references about the definition of compressible flow. In fact, changing the density of the flow as a result of pressure variations leads to a compressible flow. Now, my question is that what if the density of the fluid flow changes as...
  5. I

    Calculating Flow Coefficient

    Hello, I need help calculating the flow coefficient through a pressure reducing valve DN20. The values I currently have are: Inlet Pressure: 5 bar Outlet Pressure: 2.75 bar Flow capacity: 322kg/hr According to this website below, the density of steam at 5bar is 2.667 kg/m3 Saturated...
  6. M

    Gas flow direction in chamber with holes

    Hello, I built a chamber for oxidation testing and I was trying to come up with a way to direct the flow preferentially to the specimens. A top view of the chamber: The chamber is inside a big furnace under vacuum: there is one entry for air on the right (blue) and two Exits on the...
  7. T

    Fast volumetric flow establishment in liquid pump

    Hi, Im new to this forum and i am currently stuck up in design decisions, where i have to choose between, quick flow rate and high flow rate for size of pump. In this case i am required to establish the flow of fluid approximately similar to water +4 deg cel. Which pump system or type is...
  8. C

    Calculating equal flow through parallel flow pipes?

    Hello everyone, I am hoping some here might be able to help with what I am hoping is a simple problem for you all. Thank you for any help I get with this ahead of time.... I am looking to run water through a series of parallel water pipes and am looking to achieve equal flow through all...
  9. L

    How do different angle bends in pipes affect flow?

    Hi, I am currently doing an experiment where a piece of 5mm diameter plastic tubing has different angle bend in it (e.g. 10 degrees, 25 degrees... 90 degrees etc.) and was wondering what equations to use to figure out what affects the rate of flow when water is going through it? Do i use...
  10. C

    Finding volumetric flow rate of heat engine

    A Heat Engine has a thermal efficiency of 40% at a steady power output of 30kW. Calculate the required volumetric fuel flow in L/Hr ( litres/hour) if the fuel has a density of 850 kg/m^3 and an energy content of 45 MJ/kg.
  11. K

    Calculate sound generated from orifice flow

    Hi, I need help to calculate the sound which is generated as the fluid is flowing through the pipe connecting the two reservoir. (the flow direction is 1-2-3) I know every parameters in the system. What will I get if I multiply Q*deltaP? By dimensional analyses, this will give me J/s...
  12. Y

    Vortex potential flow with gravity

    Hello everybody, I am studying the potential flow of a vortex and I have a question. Would be really nice if somebody could help out. Conceptually the vortex stream function is constant in z so the streamlines are perfect circles. I am not sure how to add gravity to this description. I...
  13. O

    Mass flow rate of water in a hydraulic turbine

    Hello again. I have another problem that I'm working on: The intake to a hydraulic turbine installed in a dam is located at an elevation of 10 m above the turbine exit. Water enters at 20 C with negligible velocity and exits from the turbine at 10 m/s. The water passes through the turbine...
  14. T

    Density driven flow

    I'm doing some work on density induced flow in porous media. My problem contains a single phase fluid with 2 components (water and a solute). I'm solving the continuity equation along with the advection-diffusion/dispersion eq., Darcy, the equation of state (links between the concentration and...
  15. V

    Analytical relation for the length of the wake behind a cylinder in an external flow

    Hello all, Does somebody know if there is an analytical relation to calculate the length of the wake formed behind a cylinder in a turbulent external flow of air? There are analytical equations to calculate the pressure field and velocity (and the lift and the drag) around the surface of the...
  16. V

    Flow through a parallel piping network

    Hello all, How does one calculate the expected mass flow rate through a parallel piping system in which each pipe has different pressure drops? I have a refrigeration system with a hot gas bypass line installed, which connects the discharge of the compressor to the suction of the evaporator...
  17. avito009

    Can time flow backwards in a black hole?

    We know that a black hole has escape velocity greater than the speed of light. And when something moves faster than speed of light then time flows backwards. As per my understanding time stops at the event horizon because escape velocity here is the speed of light. But what about inside of a...
  18. R

    Flow velocity required to cool flat plate

    A hot steel plate of length 1m and width .5m at 629k is cooled in an airstream of 298k. Find the velocity of the airstream required to remove 1kw of heat from each side of the plate. I don't even have a clue what to do here. In our one example, we weren't seeking velocity, and our...
  19. L

    flow in parallel plates

    Hello to everyone, I am attending a course of advanced fluid mechanics and i was given the following exercise in the attached picture which from what i understand should not be so tough. But since my knowledge is still very restricted, i had only basic fluids some years ago, how should i...