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    Position of a floating pulley

    Hi, I am studying the behaviour of a pulley that is attached to a sling. The situation looks like this: https://github.com/jeroenstaps/Floating_Pulley There is a drum that can give or take cable. Then there is a floating pulley with a cable through it. The pulley can move on the circle...
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    Floating a bed of air

    I remember a while back now that I saw a video demonstration (by NASA I think) of a large heavy metal cylinder container (around one metre in height) which floated on a bed of air from the nozzles on it's base, easy enough to push around with a single finger, until the air was turned off...
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    Raft - Floating / Density problem

    A raft is 200kg.When raft is empty it float on water by 60% of the volume immersed.John weighs 75kg. Can he sit on the raft without it sinking?How much load can the raft take before it's completely under water? What is the density of the raft?
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    Floating Buoyancy...

    There are two "bouyancy force on a body cases." These are: 1) fully submerged, and 2) partially submerged, partialy floating." Here is proof of 2). The other follows readily. Floating Buoyancy | THERMO Spoken Here! Tally Ho!
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    floating body

    why the floating body still stable when G ( center of gravity ) is above the B ( center of buoyancy)
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    Big and small floating vessels

    I have often wondered why a big tanker a) can stay stable in the water in spite of its flat bottom and b) why it floats so shallowly. A miniature model of said ship will go deeper and tend to roll much more easily. There seems to be a "scale factor" of some sort but I cannot get my head around...