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    Nuclear Fission - the double-humped barrier

    Hey Guys, iam trying to understand the following graphic: Firstly, the fission was defined by Bethe-Weizsäcker-Equation and the deformation by the distortion parameter epsilon. So if the deformation increases, than the probability of fission will increase. Now they induce the correction term...
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    Induced Fission

    Hello I am having problems even starting this question and was wondering if someone could at least guide me in the right direction! The question is: What is the mass of 235 Uranium which when undergoing induced fission would produce the same amount of thermal energy as one ton (1000kg) of coal?
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    Calculating energy released due to fission of heavy nucleus into equal nuclei

    1.*The problem*statement, all variables and given/known data There is this university exam question:Draw the nuclear binding energy curve and and show that energy is released when a heavy nucleus of*A> 200breaks up into two nearly equal fragments. 2. Relevant equations See below. 3. The...
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    Binding energy + fission energy help please

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section- Its A-Level There is a graph for this question, but I shall give all the data (binding energy per nucleon) linked below. Binding energy per nucleon- U 235- 7.2 MeV Rb 94- 8.6 MeV Cs 142- 8.4 MeV (Read from the graph as I see it) Ok, my...
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    Nuclear fission

    I am really stuck on this one. Any help much appreciated. A nuclear power station reactor using U^235 as fuel has an output of 10^8W. How much uranium is consumed per hour if the energy released in the fission of one U^235 nucleus is 200 MeV and the reactor has an overall efficiency of...