1. B

    Draw the ray diagram of the spherical fish bowl

    Well I'm stuck with the question 4a) here. Maybe someone can tell me how to draw the ray diagram and the reason for it. I'm happy for any help :)
  2. L

    Homework Help!!

    A fish leaps out of the water going 7.50 m/s. At the same instant, a red tailed hawk sitting on a branch 3.00 m above dives down to catch the fish. Does the hawk catch the fish? I'm pretty confused on how to solve these types of problems.
  3. H

    Bird dropping fish question

    A sea bird catches a fish and then flies in an easterly direction with a speed v=7.39 m/s, h = 4.69 m above the surface of the sea. The fish has a mass of 115.3 g and is still alive. It thrashes and wiggles and as a result the bird drops the fish. i) What is the speed of the fish when the...
  4. M

    An Archer Fish

    Hi all, I am struggling working the following problem. "A certain fish called an Archer catches its food by projecting (i.e. ‘spitting’) a drop of water at its target. The Archer can project a drop of water to a maximum horizontal distance of 1 m. Calculate the angles (there are 2 values) at...