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    Python script to find drag force on a 2D object given differential pressure vectors

    I am in need of a python program to calculate the drag force on a 2D object, given differential pressure acting on the object-- this will have to be calculated either manually or (hopefully) by the code. I have the exact location of each pressure vector via a .dat file, and would like to know...
  2. H

    how do i find force of friction without μ or acceleration

    I need to find the static and kinetic coefficient of a desk for a physics lab. we have pulleys, string, a scale, a "car" and a few other things. How would I find the force of friction?
  3. S

    How to find wall angles of a CD nozzle?

    I'm designing a cd nozzle type restrictor for an engine air intake, to obtain best performance. Im having difficulty finding wall angles for the same, i only have inlet conditions (pressure,velo,etc), diameter of inlet ,throat and outlet. The length shall be determined by the angles itself and...
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    Find tension in a string with attached body doing UCM

    Problem A rock with mass 1.5 kg is being whirled in a horizontal circle on a string 0.8m long. The speed of the rock is a constant 5m/s. Find the magnitude and the direction of the tension in the string. There seems to be too many unknowns here to solve??(Sadsmile) Answer 49N @ 17...
  5. L

    Find the opening size

    A yellow He-Ne laser with λ = 594 nm is lighting on a circular opening. There's a screen 5.0 m away with a bending pattern. The fifth dark ring (starting from centrum) has the diameter 10.5 cm. Determine the size of the circular opening. I think that I might need to use the formula D*sin(x)...
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    I have no idea how to find Ff or mu

    Can’t find any examples like this in my notes and my lab partner handed in theirs without even letting me see it so I’m stuck haha. I’m trying to find mu but I need Ff for that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Given tension, mass, length, find the mass

    "The string on a conical pendulum is 2m in length an has a tension on the string holding the object has a mass of 100 N. The radius of motion is 0.4 m and the period of rotation is 2 seconds. What is the mass of the object?" Does anybody have any resources to help solve this problem?
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    Find the velocity of the rain drops with respect to the man?

    Q. A man is walking on a level road at a speed of 3.0 km/h. Raindrops fall vertically at a speed of 4.0 km/h. Find the velocity of the raindrops with respect to the man, A. The explanation is below: Here I don't understand the diagram. Why the resultant vector left downward is between -v...
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    Find initial velocity of projectile

    ballistic pendulum initially at rest. projectile with mass m=10g hits object M=2kg and remains stuck and it goes up to height h=20cm. no air friction. im foreign and i tried to translate it i hope it s clear, i'm in ninth grade and i guess i didnt really understand the theory. i tried to solve...
  10. M

    How to find terminal velocity

    DISCLAIMER: I am new to this forum so I am not entirely sure of how to layout and where to post, my post. I am trying to get some physics in a program I am working on, and I want to know how to find the terminal velocity of a perfect sphere in air on Earth. The ball, perfect sphere, has a...
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    Find launch angle

    I found this question in a textbook and the calculation was not shown. The launch velocity is 6 times the velocity at maximum height, find launch angle. Can someone help me by showing me calculations.
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    Trying to find the displacement

    Hi, I'm hoping to get some clarification on this. I'd like to see if I did it right, and if not then I'd really like to know what I did wrong. A car is traveling at 20.83m/s , it takes 3.4s to stop, what is the displacement? d=1/2(V1+V2)t = 1/2(20.83m/s+0m/s)(3.4) = 1/2(70.83) =...
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    How to find the direction of the velocity of a man swimming across a river

    I am confused on the direction of the velocity of a man with respect to the river and with respect to the ground. Here is the question below: Question: A man can swim in still water at a speed of 3 km/h. He wants to cross a river that flows at 2 km/h and reach the point directly opposite to...
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    Find the mass and kinetic energy of an ion (Given magnetic field, ion path radius)

    In a mass spectrometer, a doubly charged ion having a particular velocity is selected by using a magnetic field of 100mT perpendicular to an electric field of 1.0 KV/m. This same magnetic field is then used to deflect the ion in a circular path with a radius of 15 mm. Find the mass and kinetic...
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    How to find tension given pulse equation?

    A transverse pulse is propagating on a 2.0 m long string of mass 50 g. The pulse is described by the equation: y(x,t)=pi/(pi+(3x/2+pi(t))^2) , with x and y in meters, and t in seconds. Find the tension in the string.
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    Find the height and the velocity of the object

    A bolt is detached from the lower part of an elevator cabin that is ascending with velocity 6meters/second and for 3 seconds comes to the point from where the elevator started to ascend. Find: in which height is the end of the elevator in the moment when from it the bolt was detached. What is...
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    Forces and Tension- given coefficient of friction to find speed?

    Okay, I've posted a lot, but this is the lat problem I'm having an issue with. Here I go! i) I have absolutely no idea. I can't even attempt because I honestly don't know what to do or where to start. How the heck am I supposed to find speed with what's given? It's not like I have time or...
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    What is the formula to find distance between two satellites in space?

    I want to write program to find the distance between two artificial satellites in space every 't' seconds. My initial inputs are initial velocity, masses , radii, position(x,y coordinates) of both the satellites. Then using Pythagoras theorem I can find the initial distance between the 2...
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    Find the streamlines of the velocity field

    Hello!! I have to find the streamlines of the following velocity fields: 1. u=x(1+2t), v=y 2. u=xy, v=0 I have done the following: 1. dx/u=dy/v => dx/(x(1+2t))=dy/y => ln(x)/(1+2t)=ln(y)+c => y=Ce^(ln(x)/(1+2t)) => y=Cx^(1/(1+2t)) Is this correct?? 2. dx/u=dy/v \Rightarrow...