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    Guitarist and trumpeter try to play together in a room filled with helium?

    Hello, How can I answer this question? How does the musical experience of a guitarist and trumpeter try to play together in a room filled with helium?
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    Lift a hemispherical dome on a level surface filled with water by rotating it

    Hi, I have this problem where I am asked to find out which angular velocity I need to have to lift this 30 tons heavy dome with a hole on the top. I have attached a sketch and how I tried to solve it, but i get the wrong answer. Right answer is 1,95 rad/s. Thanks
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    Dielectric Filled Parallel Plate Capacitor Question

    I recently had a test in my Physics class and I answered this question wrong. I'm trying to figure out the correct solution so I can keep it in my records for future reference. I'm unsure how to set this up, I can't seem to find a way to solve it without a given value of Q. "A parallel...
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    inverted wine bottle filled with water

    Say you had a huge glass bottle 1 or 5 meters tall, and filled it up with pure water. A fully air inflated zip lock bag (but not so full that it starts to burst or change the plastic temperature) was then placed on top sealing off the bottle. The person then flipped the bottle upside down...
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    Object in fluid filled container

    I'm wondering how volume of water affects the motion and impact of an object suspended in that water in an enclosed container, specifically when the container is being moved. In other words, I have two containers: one that is .1L and one that is 1L. Both are filled 3/4 full with water, and have...