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    Shape of refracting surface for focus

    So this problem is from the Feynman Lectures V. 1 Ch. 27 Geometrical Optics 27–2 The focal length of a spherical surface So I decided to entertain myself, to no avail. Does anyone else know how to solve this? Cheers
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    Feynman Path Integral - Particle Through Space

    Hey guys :) I have 3 simple questions regarding Feynman Path Integrals: 1. Are Feynman Path Integrals simply another type of integral, with more steps required to calculate them? For example, is the difference between a regular path integral and a Feynman path integral analogous to a...
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    Drawing Feynman Diagrams with LaTeX and METAFONT

    Have any of you ever heard of or used FeynMF? It's described at Drawing Feynman Diagrams with LaTeX and METAFONT. It seems to be a Latex add on for drawing Feynman diagrams.