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    Fast volumetric flow establishment in liquid pump

    Hi, Im new to this forum and i am currently stuck up in design decisions, where i have to choose between, quick flow rate and high flow rate for size of pump. In this case i am required to establish the flow of fluid approximately similar to water +4 deg cel. Which pump system or type is...
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    force/impule of lower a weight fast and slow

    If I was to lower 100Ib down 1m in 1 second and then lower the object 1m in .5 of a second twice, with my arm, what would the forces/impulses be on my arm. Would the faster velocity lower, let the weight gain more kinetic energy and put more force/impulse on the arm in the same time frame.
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    How fast can we arrive at a certain place, in theory?

    Hi there, In theory, we cannot travel faster than light. Therefore, is the answer to this question "The speed of light" ? Definitely NO. According to Enstain's Special Theory of Relativity, if someone travels in a inertial reference frame which moves at a speed that near the speed of...
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    Need help fast! please

    A projectile is launched upward from the ground with a Velocity of 40m/s at a time of 0 (t=0)..A second projectile is launched at 35m/s upward from the ground 't' seconds later. Both projectiles are at the same height when t = 5..Determine the value of delay time?
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    what distance does this car require to stop when it s travelling twice as fast?

    a car travelling 30 m/s is able to stop in a distance d. Assuming the same braking force, what distance does this car require to stop when it s travelling twice as fast? i'm lost..hope u guys can help me
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    3 Questions! Need help FAST! Electric Charges and Fields!

    Couple questions, whatever you can answer will be appreciated. 9. Three small, negatively charged spheres are located at the vertical of an equilateral triangle. If the magnitudes of the charges are equal, sketch the electric field in the region around this charge distribution, including the...