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    Falling Bricks

    Greetings to all Please , any help to solve this problem ? Thanks in advance
  2. G

    Special case with two falling bodies. What happens?

    I came up with this problem myself and can not reach a conclusion myself so I would like to know what you think? Two hollow bodies (e.g. two cubes) begin to fall and accelerate. I look at the problem on any moment (t=T) where the windspeed U = 5 m/s. The larger cube: side 1 m and M = 3,5 kg...
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    Homework Question

    Just needed help on this, if anyone could get me the answer on it that would be awesome. Pretend you are standing on top of a tall building and you decide to throw a water balloon down to the sidewalk. If you throw the water balloon with an initial velocity of 12 m/s and the building is 20 m...
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    Falling Lever - Impact Force

    So as I lay here contemplating back surgery and trying to avoid sneezing the remains of a kidney through assorted orifices, I contemplate a problem - well, the primary "problem" is how long ago College was, but the problem I'm here to explore today is the force generated by a falling lever...
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    Inertial frames of a falling stick

    "In an inertial frame of reference 1 a stick AB of Length L parallel to the x-axis falls down vertically under gravity, reaching the ground at time t=t*. In a different inertial frame of reference 2, which is moving with respect to reference frame 1 in the x direction with velocity v2,1, the...
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    Falling object force for starting lever

    I need help understanding how to calculate force from a falling object. I have a lever connected to a spring and I want to know the amount of force on the other end of the spring. If I have a model with a force F that pushes on the first end of the lever (the spring is attached to the other...
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    Loop of wire falling out of a magnetic field.

    I am struggling on finding the time it takes the loop of wire to completely leave the field in part a. I have found the differential equation of motion to me dv/dt+at=g where a is a constant determined to be a=826.72. I found the solution of the DE to be v(t)=g/a(1-e^(-at)) I have tried...
  8. A

    Spring slowly lowered vs falling

    An object is attached to a vertical spring and slowly lowered to its equilibrium position, this stretches the spring a distance d. If the same object was permitted to fall instead through what maximum distance does the spring stretch? Right now I am thinking it is mg = kd so d=mg/k However, I...
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    kinetic energy of a falling body in water

    Hi I am considering the impact energy of an object hitting me on the head travelling vertically downward with impact velocity v in water. The mass of the object is m, and the hydrodynamic added mass from the displaced water is "ma". I believe the kinetic energy at impact is KE=1/2 (m+ma) v*v...
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    Falling in a viscous liquid problem

    Hi Everyone , In have a tricky problem that has me stumped at present .. it reds as follows - A ROCK WITH MASS m = 3KG FALLS FROM REST IN A VISCOUS MEDIUM. THE ROCK IS ACTED ON BY A NET CONSTANT DOWNWARD FORCE OF 18 NEWTONS AND BY A FLUID RESISTANCE FORCE f = kv , WHERE v IS SPEED IN m/s AND...
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    sound of falling water and bucket

    If a bucket is hold under a tap and the tap is open to full the bucket with water, is it possible to understand from the sound of falling water either the bucket is full or not? Are you able to give explanation behind this?
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    Is terminal velocity the highest velocity for a falling object?

    I know that air resistance increases as the speed of the object increases. With that in mind, I feel that, for an object dropped from a high location on Earth, there will be a point in time in which there is a higher magnitude of velocity before terminal velocity. -Jonathan
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    energy from falling object.

    Hi guys, Lets assume we have a wind turbine (used to generate electricity) which has a rope and a 1000kg ball attached to one of its propellers in the 9'oclock position. The propellers are 100m above the ground. If this ball is dropped to the ground, in effect spinning the turbine, how many kw...
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    falling conductor in a magnetic field

    hi, i have a perfect conductor bar, sliding over two percect rail conductors under the influence of gravity. the bar mass is m, and is length is L. the bar falls in an uniform magnetic field B which is perpendicular to the bar and the rails (outside of the page), the circuit is closed from...
  15. R

    Problem about free falling bodies

    1. A basketball player jumps straight upward to rebound a ball. He was in air for 0.8 seconds. What is his Initial Velocity and highest displacement? Well since the absolute values of the acceleration is equal (-9.8 and 9.8) while jumping and falling back, I assume he spent the first half on...
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    the rate of falling ladder

    there is a contradiction between Mathematics and Physics. When a ladder lean over a wall and the bottom point move to the right (in x direction) with constant speed of k, the top of the ladder moves down with the rate of Vy= -k* x/y when y approach to the floor then the rate goes to infinity...
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    Falling ball experiment

    There was a "multiflash" photograph taken of a ball falling after being held and released (sth like this: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/02/Falling_ball.jpg) a) Why is the picture likely to be somewhat blurred at the beginning? My guess: because the ball moves too slow for...
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    Angular Energy and Falling Dominoes

    First of all, hi! I'm new here. 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Rather than a specific problem, my friend and I are doing an Extended Experimental Investigation on the energy transfer of dominoes for our grade 12 assignment. 2. The attempt at a solution...
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    Sledgehammer falling on pivot. physics question. Where are my workings wrong?

    A sledgehammer with a mass of 2.80 kg is connected to a frictionless pivot at the tip of its handle. The distance from the pivot to the center of mass is r_cm=0.560 m, and the moment of inertia about the center of mass is I_cm = 0.0410 kgm2. If the hammer is released from rest at an angle of...
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    find the speed of the car falling

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