1. P

    Do all object really fall at the same rate regardless of mass?

    Ive always had this question in the back of my mind? Do all objects fall at the same rate regardless of mass? This theory has been tested many times. I just watched a video on youtube where they dropped a bowling ball and a feather at the same time in a giant vacuum chamber. As predicted, they...
  2. L

    Why does the ball not fall

    Saw this at walmart today: hopefully the video works, but why does the ball not fly off? Thankshttp://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5cce1b4951343/20190504_170542.mp4 Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
  3. K

    Free Fall Problems (Urgent)

    I'm working on a homework and I've found there's a problem I can't find a solution to: A boy throws rocks up to a height we will name "H". How far must he throw the rocks for them to be twice the time in the air. -At first, the problem seems easy, as it is obvious that if it takes a...
  4. avito009

    Why does the moon not fall into the Earth?

    I know that the gravitational pull of the Earth on the moon makes moon orbit the Earth. But the reason why moon does not fall off in a straight line towards the Earth is that the moon has orbital angular momentum. But how does the moon having orbital angular momentum prevent it from falling...
  5. L

    free fall fluid of body

    why when the fluid container is accelearting upward , the pressure gradient in z direction is -2 ρ g ?
  6. T

    Free fall that landed on a head!

    Hi, I am not a physicist, just a civilian here! My well-driller husband had a piece of steel land on his head. It fell 45 feet, minus his height of 6 feet so 39 feet, and weighed 7 pounds. He lived. He has a concussion but not a bad one. We were wondering if someone could help us understand the...
  7. Y

    College physics- Free fall problem .

    An airplane is flying with a velocity of 85.0m/s at an angle of 20.0∘ above the horizontal. When the plane is a distance 111m directly above a dog that is standing on level ground, a suitcase drops out of the luggage compartment. How far from the dog will the suitcase land? You can ignore air...
  8. M

    Why objects can not fall down on stars ( Earth ---SUN ?)

    light <<< BULB >>> light light = energy [ joul ] space = cubic meter [m^3 ] Joul/ meter^3 = Newton *meter / meter^3 = Newton / meter^2 ( EUREKA !!!pascals ) M,m ----------------planet ( gallileo fall law ) M,m ---------------star ( Marosz EM preasure problem ) FUTURE IN PHYSICS SUN...
  9. Y

    Equivalence Principle entails that free fall is the same as weightlessness?

    Does the Equivalence Principle entail that there is no difference between the weightlessness of deep space and falling freely towards the earth? Imagine there are two laboratories which have no windows to the outside. Alice is in one lab and Bob is in the other. Otherwise completely...
  10. G

    Why does the Fermi level of an insulator fall within the band gap?

    "Fermi level" is the term used to describe the top of the collection of electron energy levels at absolute zero temperature. Why does the Fermi level of an insulator fall within the band gap? There is no energy level in the band gap. See also here
  11. F

    free fall acceleration

    hi, thanks for taking time to read my first post. i'm trying to solve a little mystery and would like to do so in a methodical and logical way. it is my basic understanding that free-fall acceleration is a constant on earth of 9.8m/sec[squared] (is there sub/superscript text on this...
  12. nickgc

    [SOLVED] Free fall

    Hello Forum.. This is my first post. I saw this problem in a book as I was reviewing.... A ball is thrown straight up from the edge of the roof of a building. A second ball is dropped from the roof 1.00 sec later. You may ignore air resistance. (a) if the height of the building is 20.0 m...
  13. M

    How can I solve for free fall time, if the intital Y velocity is not 0.

    Say a ball is rolling down a ramp and off the edge, and you know the initial velocity in the Y direction and you also know the height of the fall from the ramp to the ground. How could you then calculate the time it took to fall?
  14. J

    Kinematics Help Free Fall

    Sam drops a ball into a deep well. He knows that sound travels at 343 m/s. 8.52 seconds after dropping the ball, he hears a splash. How deep is the well? I know this much: initial velocity (vi) = 0 m/s (I think) there are two different times - the time it takes for the ball to hit the...
  15. C

    free fall acceleration problem

    A rock is dropped from rest from a height above a strange planet, and a strobe-light photograph is taken. The image is damaged in transmission to earth so that an unknown part of the top of the picture is lost. However, five successive images of the falling rock can be seen. The spacing...
  16. S

    FREE FALL help

    Gonna need help solving this problem. There are two people both with tennis balls, the 1st person is standing 20meters above the ground, the 2nd person is standing 40meters above the ground. They both throw their tennis balls at the same time with the same initial velocity, the person standing...
  17. P

    Free fall acceleration

    A drowsy cat spots a flowerpot that sails first up and then down past an open window. The pot is in view for a total of 0.50 seconds, and the top-to-bottom height of the window is 2.00m. How high above the the window top does the flowerpot go?
  18. Rker

    Free Fall Problem - Please Just Check Work

    I am graded X/10 based on whether my answer is correct and if I show all work possible for this problem. Here's my answer:
  19. L

    Physics free fall problems need help

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket Free fall problems, help please 2. Relevant equations V = vi + a*t = .9+9.8*3.2 = 32.26...
  20. P

    Free Fall Question

    Hey Everyone, I have a quick question... heres the question: A ball is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 26.3 m/s from a height of 2.1 m. a) How long does it take to reach its highest point? Answer in units of s. 012 (part 2 of 2) 10.0 points b) How long does the ball take to hit the...