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    Understanding conductance, Ce in compressed air flow

    I'm looking at classifying air flow characteristic of pneumatic components and I've decided to follow an ISO standard (ISO:6358). It states that the flow rate is a related to the inlet and outlet pressure \frac{p_{2}}{p_{1}}, which would make since for compressible flow. For a component the...
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    experimental thermodynamics properties

    Hello everybody, I am using an equation of state to calculate the thermodynamical properties of a material. I have a problem which is the ideal part of the equation. Actually, I cannot be sure that the ideal contribution in my equation is the really ideal contribution, so I decided to calculate...
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    Experimental fluid dynamics pda

    Hi All I am planning to do a PDA experiment on a nozzle flow and I am interested to know if someone have done a similar kind of project and if so would like to know how you proceeded with the setup !! Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks in advance. Regards AS
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    Experimental Measurements in Wind Tunnel

    Help with Fluid Mechanics thank you for your time, George
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    Change in Pressure vs. Time

    So I have two experiments, in the first one I filled two different chambers with equal amounts of two different gases and allowed them to diffuse. In the 2nd experiment I filled two chambers with the same type of gas at 2 significantly different pressures. What would the pressure readings...
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    I need a good experimental idea

    hello, I am a student from PNG and I must conduct several experiments for my under-graduate physics course and need an idea for an experiment that explores some complex electricity / magnetism relationship. Does anyone have any memories of clever experiments that reveal some complex...
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    Experimental evidence against Gauss' law

    I have a 5mm diameter, 10mm long magnet, a short (6mm) 50mm diameter coil and an oscilloscope. When I move the magnet through the coil, the oscilloscope shows that the signal (voltage) looks pretty much like the derivative of a Gaussian function. So there must be magnetic flux maximum when the...