1. X

    Diffraction grating vs double-slit experiment to calculate light's wavelength?

    Usually, a grating is used over the double-slit experiment because the fringes are narrower so measurements are more precise. However, for a classroom experiment, because less fringes fit onto a piece of paper as the screen with the diffraction grating experiment than the double-slit...
  2. D

    A double-slit experiment && Optics

    A double-slit experiment produces fringes on a distant screen. How does the linear separation between the bright maxima on the screen change when the separation between the slits doubles? (Answer: reduces by 1/2)
  3. donglebox

    An experiment demonstrating the principle of uncertainty

    An experiment demonstrating the principle of uncertainty,Hope to be helpful, if you like. please point out any mistakes. Simulated Video Experiments of Generalized Uncertainty Principle Introduction: The following is only the author's unreviewed understanding of the “Uncertainty...
  4. S

    Davisson & Germer experiment

    How does work function of tungsten decreases when coated with barium oxide?? Sent from my ASUS_Z010D using Tapatalk
  5. R

    michelson morley experiment construction

    If you built the MM experiment in a frame that was subject to an unknown velocity vector would the arms of the experiment be the same length ?
  6. N

    Heat Insulation Experiment

    I'm doing some experiments on heat insulation with a model house (made of styrofoam, 3cm), heated with a 25W light bulb. In some papers I have read that it's important for the box to be two-layered, with only the outer layer being styrofoam and the thin inner layer consisting of material with a...
  7. S

    Question(s) about ‘singing wine glass’ experiment

    Everyone knows that wine glasses with progressively more liquid in them will emit a higher toned sound when a damp finger is rubbed along its rim. It’s my understanding that tone/pitch is somewhat difficult to categorize scientifically, as frequency alone doesn’t tell the whole story. I would...
  8. L

    Cavendish's experiment

    Cavendish detected a force of 2 x 10^-6 grams which is a weight less than a dust particle yet the weight measurement uncertainty in 1798 was 1 mg. Also, in the LIGO (2009) a length variation of the armature of 10^-18 m was detected which is smaller than the diameter of an electron. Can someone...
  9. N

    Laser Experiment

    So, I am trying to develop an experiment to measure the size of a laser's dot on a target under various conditions. The method we current use involves a camera focused on the laser's target to record the dot's changes. This method is fine, but it requires precise camera/target alignment and...
  10. R

    thought experiment Newtons Laws?

    The other evening i noticed something strange. I was on a train that was slowing down as it was pulling into the station. I was walking in the opposite direction along the carriage. I noticed that this seemed harder than it normally does? Am i working harder in this situation? Or did i simply...
  11. Z

    Lenz's law - mathematical model of experiment

    Hi, I need help with writing mathematical model of experiment that demonstarate Lenz-s law (the magnet trough copper tube). N7tIi71-AjA I want to write the model and simulate it in matlab/simulink. On the following link https://brilliant.org/wiki/lenzs-law/ there are a mathematical...
  12. avito009

    Why did Einstein need thought experiment?

    Newton believed time to be absolute. One reason may be that there were no technology to test time dilation. If there were spaceships during newtons time he might have been able to compare the time of the clocks, one inside the spaceship and one on a stationary space station. He could'nt have...
  13. Y

    Neodymium magnet and electromagnet experiment

    Hi, I wanted to repel away a standard neodymium magnet by using an electromagnet. I got a nail, some coil, a neo magnet and a 9v battery. I wrapped some coil on the nail, and attached it to the battery. The problem is that the neo magnet attaches to the nail regardless if the nail is...
  14. W

    Michaelson Morley 1881 experiment

    We know that SR supposedly explained why both perpendicular light beams returned to the MM detector at approximately the same time; i.e., that east-west arm of the MM device contracted because it was in motion in the direction that the beam was sent. Question: Using SR would there not also be...
  15. F

    Double slits experiment with one or two detectors

    Does it matter if there is a detector in every of the two splits, or just in one of them? Will there be any difference? I wonder if I asked the question correctly. I mean will the result of the experiment be different if we stick a detector only in one slit, and the other slit will be undetected.
  16. F

    A simple thought experiment that gives a weird result

    Imagine a spaceship that moves with near-light speed regarding you. There are two balloons, one is in the head of the ship and the other is in the tail. In the middle of the ship there is a laser. It sends beams in both direction and those beams pop the balloons. For an observer on the ship...
  17. Z

    Ball on ramp experiment (problem 2)

    This problem is based on my earlier problem: Let's say that we have the acceleration now. We also now have the ramp heighth. Is there any way we can take the acceleration of the ball down the ramp and find speed? We have the resourses from problem one and now the heighth.
  18. Z

    ball on ramp experiment

    I am trying to find the speed of the ball going down the ramp. I have the following info: ball mass ramp length ramp angle ramp friction (and ball radius/diameter if needed but I would like to not have to use that:)) is it possible to figure out the speed with just that info and if so...
  19. V

    Physics Software regarding the setting of variation of magnetic field experiment in the lab

    Dear all, in my lab the angle of compass in clockwise direction gives small value whereas anticlockwise direction. how i can got equal value. wr vikas
  20. A

    Need help with spring constant experiment

    Hello everyone, I am doing an experiment titled 'mass on a spiral spring' in order to find the value for the acceleration due to gravity in the first part of this experiment, I just measured the oscillation period of a spring as a suspended mass and plotted these results onto a graph to find...