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    Discretization of heat exchanger

    Hi. I hope my description of the problem will be sufficient. I'm trying to make an analytical model of a heat exchanger. The hex is a coil wound type, (helical coil) with several pipes in parallel to reduce the pressure loss, it is double. Meaning it takes it's turns (windings)...
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    Heat exchanger

    At work, we have a tube and shell heat exchanger. The fluid to be heated is water and the other fluid is steam. -------------------------------------- Theoretical ... Btu / h: 136.1 x10 ^ 6 Flow Steam: 136,000 pph (I think it's pound per hour) Ti of the steam: 312 F To the steam: 212 F Psi...
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    Heat exchanger Q?

    Hi, I need someone to help me with this question. I tried to find the answer for two weeks I could not finde it. Anyone with the required experience can help!! I will be so grateful. Question: A shell-and-tube heat exchanger is to act as a condenser: saturated ethyl alcohol (ethanol)...
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    Heat exchanger conceptual question

    Hello everyone! I am trying to design a rankine cycle connected to a solar thermal power plant and a desalination power plant. Long story short, everything is almost done but I don't really understand the numbers I have. Meaning, the heat exchanger needs 154 MW to run the rankine...
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    Heat exchanger energy equation and boundry conditions.. Help/advice needed

    Hello, I am a student currently working on my master thesis, the subject of which is the design and analysis of a heat exchanger. Because of some delays, bad luck and the calculations not leading where we (my promotor and me) hoped they would I am running a bit behind... The design part of...
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    Heat Exchanger Colburn J factor

    Solved. Can Someone Delete this thread?
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    Heat Exchanger Design Problem

    Hi Guys, I'm an undergrad student undertaking an internship at the moment, and have been given the task of coming up with a way to cool down some fluid. Basically, I need to cool down a flow of 220L/min fluid from 45 to 38 deg C. Its thin black and a bit caustic with a PH of around 8, and...
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    heat exchanger exergy analysis

    i am having a problem with heat exchanger (tube and fin) exergy analysis... the problem which i am having looks like this: in one of the cases air (mass flow of air: m,a=0,71 kg/s) is entering the heat exchanger with temperature T,aIN=21C and relative humidity RH,aIN=57%, air is cooled to...
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    Heat Exchanger

    Cold water (cp = 4.18 kJ/kg.°C) leading to a shower enters a well-insulated, thin-walled, double-pipe, counter-flow heat exchanger at 15°C at a rate of 0.25 kg/s and is heated to 45°C by hot water (cp = 4.19 kJ/kg.°C) that enters at 100°C at a rate of 3 kg/s. Determine the rate of heat transfer...