1. A

    What to assume in this problem of static equilibrium?

    I have a question which I'm going to state in verbatim : You want to hang a picture at a certain place on a wall, but the only available nails are at points 1 ft. to the left and 2 ft. to the right off the edges of the picture (see the attachment). You attach the strings of the appropriate...
  2. I

    Thermal Equilibrium Question

    2kg of ice is at -10°C is mixed with 15kg of water at 25°C. What is the final temp when equilibrium is achieved. Q = Energy M = mass c = Heat capacity ∆T = Change in temperature W = Water I = Ice Heat capacity for water is 4200 J/Kg Heat capacity for Ice is 2100 J/Kg Well, i approached...
  3. C


    I’m having trouble understanding this question. A rigid uniform beam (0.5m in length) of weight 200N is hinged to a wall and held horizontally by a string 40 degrees to the horizontal. a) Calculate the tension in the string. b) The horizontal contact force of the wall on the hinge. I’m...
  4. T

    Equilibrium Problem

    A uniform plank of mass 22kg and length 12m rests horizontally on two supports S1 and S2. Support S2 is 3.2m from the right end of the plank. What’s the furthest distance from S2 that a 53kg box can be placed without the plank tipping over? I set up my equations to sum the forces in the Y...
  5. P

    Can't figure out whats wrong with these calculations (Thermal equilibrium)

    Hi. I have the following problem and I just can't figure out whats wrong with my calculations. Problem: You have 2 gasses in a container. Gas A is 2.0g of helium at 300K tempature. Gas B is 8.0g of nitrogen at 600K tempature. 1. Calculate the thermal energies of gasses at initial position...
  6. TyrannosaurusWreck

    Static Equilibrium

    I'm having a lot of trouble getting my head around this problem- A 3.6-meter long horizontal plank is held up by two supports. One support is at the left end, and the other is 0.80 m from the right end. The plank has uniform density and has a mass of 40 kg. How close can a 70 kg person...
  7. P

    Physical chemistry - nernst equilibrium potential

    Hey you all! I am taking a neuroscience class and am struggling with the Nernst equation. I am doing something wrong, because I never seem to get the answer right. Here is the question, and sorry if I am posting this in the wrong threads: Calculate the reversal potential of a...
  8. I

    Equilibrium of Forces

  9. D

    Vapor liquid equilibrium

    I should analyse influence of thermodynamic properties on vapor liquid equilibrium. At thermodynamic properties I mean molar mass, critical temperature, critical pressure and Pitzer acentric factor. So far, I've read about VLE calculations, Gibbs free energy, Antoine's equation, but still...
  10. A

    Equation of equilibrium of a SDOF

    Hi guys! I would really need some help with a problem I have over here: how do I you get the equations of equilibrium for the scheme in picture of the single degree of freedom system? I am having some trouble understanding why I have m1*Hc*(H*theta_0) mostly, but also about why I have moment of...
  11. M

    STRUT & ca ke

  12. N

    Rigid object in equilibrium problem (I think)!

    I don't really know how to approach this problem. But I think that it is a rigid object in equilibrium problem. This is it: The step ladder of negligible weight is constructed as shown in the figure. A painter of mass 70.0 kg stands on the ladder 3.0m from the bottom. Assuming the floor is...
  13. L

    Equilibrium Number Of Vacancies...

    Hello, For my first post on the forum, I'd like to ask for some help on a question I'm unsure about. The question is: If the formation energy for a vacancy in platinum is 1.62eV per vacancy, calculate the equilibrium vacancy concentration at the temperatures: 300 & 2000K. Compare the results...
  14. D

    Chemical Equilibrium

    Problem: For the reaction: H_2 => 2H (at constant Pressure of 0.05 atm). At what Temperature will there be an equal amount of each gas present at equilibrium? Attempt at Solution: Our text has table values for equilibrium constant lnk, however, they are listed by temperature values not...
  15. dokrbb

    Equilibrium of rigid body problem

    The problem is as follows: A uniform beam of length L and mass m shown in the figure above is inclined at an angle of θ to the horizontal. Its upper end is connected to a wall by a rope, and its lower end rests on a rough horizontal surface. The coefficient of static friction between the...
  16. F

    translational vs rotational equilibrium

    Is translational equilibrium is when the object has no net acceleration? (constant velocity or v=0) And rotational equilibrium is when an object has no net torque? Can an object be in translational equilibrium if it is not in rotational equilibrium? Thanks
  17. A

    Lever Arm at equilibrium

    Hi, I've attached an image of the problem i am trying to solve, your help would be very much appreciated. I understand the basic principles of moments, such as moment = lever arm x Force. But i am having problems trying to find the solution to the image attached. There needs to be two...
  18. S

    Diode equilibrium

    when we are studying about pn junction diodes and characteristics we assume it under thermal equilibrium.but is there a way to find what is the time taken to reach the equilibrium?I read the the depletion region forms instantaneously but can we measure the exact time?
  19. K

    Forces in equilibrium

    I've come across a bunch of questions like this and I'm finding them all really tricky: A particle of weight W is attached by a light inextensible string of length a to a point A on a vertical wall. The particle is supported in equilibrium by a light rigid strut of length b attached to a point...
  20. T

    Static Equilibrium

    An artist friend of yours needs help hanging a 500 pounds sculpture from the ceiling. For artistic reasons, shewants to use just two ropes. One will be from vertical, the other . She needs you to determine the smallest diameter rope that can safely support this expensive piece of art. On a...