1. C

    Understanding the Navier-Stokes equations

    Hi everybody! I'm studying physics (13th grade) and I'm doing some external research and I've been really interested by fluid dynamics, more specifically the Navier-Stokes equations. I want to learn more about them but I don't know where to begin. I've started by teaching myself vector...
  2. S

    Force Equations on a Tripod Stand

    I have been trying to solve a question about a load on a tripod stand. There is vertical load stacked on a tripod stand with a center of mass at a certain distance away from the center hub of the tripod. There is a horizontal force applied at a certain height and the height is known. Need to...
  3. S

    Modifying Einstein's field equations

    Hello everybody, Since quite a while I am working on an emergent gravity theory. I have explored it in many ways, but what I haven't done is write down particular field equations for it. There is something analogous to space time curvature in my model, and basically the left side of...
  4. M

    Transformation of the Maxwell-Herz equations

    Hello! I've been reading Einstein's "On the Electrodynamics of the moving bodies", and the Electrodynamical part of the paper starts from a transformation of the Maxwell-Herz equations. http://hermes.ffn.ub.es/luisnavarro/nuevo_maletin/Einstein_1905_relativity.pdf (page 13) Seems like I...
  5. L

    What does "Solutions" mean for Maxwell & Einstein Equations?

    What does "Solutions" mean for Maxwell & Einstein Equations? I am a retired engineer studying (not in school) Maxwell's and Einstein's work at a beginner level. The concept of "solutions" to their equations comes up from time to time, and this puzzles me. So I ask: What does it mean to have a...
  6. T

    Balancing equations

    How can I balance these two equations highlighted in my image or are they balanced already?
  7. L

    Maxwell's equations

    § 26. Maxwell's Equations With the method developed in the derivation of the equations of the atomic orbitals allows for the derivation of Maxwell's equations and Maxwell's structure of light. Maxwell's electric curl equation is derived using Faraday's wire loop induction effect...
  8. L

    Maxwell's equations

    Maxwell's equations are derived using Faraday's induction effect yet induction is not luminous. Can someone explain how Maxwell's equations can be used to derive the electromagnetic wave equations of light?
  9. P

    Vector-based equations

    I have an annoying Physics question that I have been trying to work at for about 3 hours now, the class I'm taking is Calculus based but I'm not even sure if this question is necessarily calculus-related, I'm not sure how I should be approaching it. Here is a link because of the subscripts...
  10. T

    Derivation of Equations of Motion in Kinematics

  11. A

    Deriving equations (3 part question!)

    I need help with all the following and will post under each what I believe the answer is. Thank you in advance! A body of mass m accelerates uniformly from rest to a speed of V in total time T. (a) Mathematically derive an equation for the work done on the body as a function of time T. W=...
  12. avito009

    What does the following equations prove when equated?

    We know that einsteins formula states E=mc2. Now this is the potential energy. So PE= mgh= mc2. So gh=c2. Does it prove that speed of light is gravitational constant into height of the object?
  13. S

    A New way of deriving Suvats Equations

    MC61smkeJnI ....could anybody guess that we can derive suvat equations in this way?
  14. W

    Understanding Maxwell's equations in thermodynamics

    Hello physic gurus, I have a question regarding the deviation of Maxwell's equations in thermodynamics. I know and completely undestand how to derive them from the inner energy U, if U=U(S,V), i.e. if U is an explicit function of extensive variables S and V. I also know and understand...
  15. N

    investigating equations of stochastic processes

    Hi every one please tell me, for what physical processes we can use each of these equations: boltzmann, fokker-planck , kramers-moyal, langvine and master ; and in which processes we cannot use them. Thanks in advance
  16. C

    Use of equations in electromagnetism question

    I am having some trouble as to where the following equations came from when working out the following problems. Problem1: A electron is held 5 nm above a conducting metal surface. Use the method of images to calculate the induced surface charge density immediately below the electron on the...
  17. T

    equations in derivation of Roothaan's method computational schroedinger

    I don't get how they obtain the right side of (14) and (15) in th upload. Can anyone show how? Thanks! the full document is here if it is available for everyone at this link: file:///C:/Users/Tor/Downloads/Snow_JChemEd1972.pdf
  18. I

    maxwell equations

    1. Why only changing magnetic fields cause currents . i want theoretical explanation not mathematical. 2. i hav current carrying loop as shown in fig . and soild conductor placed inside the loop . both ends of conductor are connected to complete the loop . what will be the directions of...
  19. H

    Proca Equations and nonzero mass of photon

    Hi. I'm a 3rd year undergraduate and have to do a 15 page assignment about Proca equations and how those lead to an effective mass of photon that isn't zero. I don't even know where to begin. Can anyone recommend me something about this issue?
  20. J

    maxwell equations

    Hi I'm studying maxwell's equations. I need historical references for Maxwell equations. I've read Maxwell articles and Heaviside articles and … But I need a much deeper references. What were the changes of these equations in history? Where these equations have been come? Can you help me?