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    Why electrons can't remain inside the nucleus?

    I am trying to solve this question," Why electrons can't remain inside the nucleus?"I am trying to mention three points here- 1.Nuclear size 2.Nuclear spin 3.Nuclear magnetic moment For the third part,I think I am pretty clear about it since the magnetic moment of electron is 1836 times greater...
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    Electrons and wave-particle duality

    Not actually homework help, but at around that level. I hope someone will indulge my lay curiosity (and ignorance). I was reading some articles on modern physics, purely for amusement and education, and realised I would be best served by writing down what I didn't understand about wave-particle...
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    When for example carbon form bonds with hydrogen, carbon atom is said to be hybridized. Then there would be headon overlapping between the orbitals of the sp^3 and the 1s orbital of hydrogen. I guess after formation of bonds, the electron would move within a narrower region, but actually...