1. C

    Troublesome problem with finding the electric current

    In this problem we have A wire with resistance per unit length of 32 Ω/m that is bent at a right angle. The second straight fragment of the same wire (The blue one) moves at the top of the first one at a speed of v = 4 m/s. The whole system is located in a magnetic field with an induction of B =...
  2. I

    A question regarding electromagnetism

    Hi, I encountered this problem: A particle of charge Q and mass m is accelerated from rest through a potential difference V, attaining a kinetic energy K. What is the kinetic energy of a particle of charge 2Q and mass m/2 that is accelerated from rest through the same potential difference? The...
  3. D

    Fourier transform (application in electromagnetism)

    Hello buddies! I am examining a brief fragment which is dedicated to Fourier transform. My request again is addressed to the good Physicists and Mathematicians with kind heart: please, review the fragment and tell me whether it is "reliable", whether there are errors in the mathematical...
  4. X

    Electromagnetism and Maglev trains

    Could someone please provide me with a list of the elctromagnetism principles/relationships that are relevant to Maglev train technology? P.S. I have to write a 1500 word essay on it.
  5. F

    Intensity of a wave in electromagnetism compared to quantum mechanical waves

    Hi, why is it that in electromagnetism we can compute the intensity of a wave by taking the square of the amplitude but we cant do the same for quantum mechanical waves? My best guess was that its because of the complex numbers in quantum but I'm really unsure. Any help?? Thanks
  6. C


    I am doing a course in electromagnetism and came across some parts in a couple of questions, which I'm not understanding where they came from, so I'm hoping someone can explain how they came about. All of these difficulties are math related. The first of these includes figuring out where the...
  7. C

    Use of equations in electromagnetism question

    I am having some trouble as to where the following equations came from when working out the following problems. Problem1: A electron is held 5 nm above a conducting metal surface. Use the method of images to calculate the induced surface charge density immediately below the electron on the...
  8. M

    Electromagnetism and conservation of energy

    ..Is ok if I say that kinetic energy of the magnet transform to electric energy on the coil.And the electric energy on the coil transform to electric energy on the ring.So if the ring wasn't there the reading on the galvanometer would have been greater????
  9. Anonymous

    Some beginner questions about sun rays, magnetism and electro-magnetism.

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, and I wonder if anyone will answer my questions. My questions are: 1: What is a sun ray ? What is it made of? 2: What is magnetism? How does it work? 3: What is electro-magnetism, and how does it work? I will be grateful for answers. Thanks a lot !
  10. T


    Three metal balls with unequal radii R1 < R2 < R3 are placed at the vertices of an equilateral triangle, whose sides have length a. The balls are connected by thin metal wires. A positively charged rod is brought into contact with one of the balls and transfers an amount of charge +Q to the...
  11. G

    HELP! Electromagnetism Problems!

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to double check some solutions and inquire about a problem. 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data A toroid is a coil of wire wrapped around a doughnut-shaped ring (a torus). For a tightly wrapped toroid with N turns, the magnetic field...
  12. P


    A transmission line is used to send power over a distance of 4.0 km through a copper power line of 1.0 ohm/km. The 240 Vrms supply has an internal resistance of 50 ohm. a) The voltage is stepped up to 66 kV by a near-ideal transformer. What turns ratio is required? b) What is the maximum power...
  13. T

    Series/Parallel Circuits and Electromagnetism

    Can someone please help me with any of these? i dont know how to start. 1. A cyclotron uses a magnetic field of 0.575 T to accelerate protons. It has a maximum radius of 0.600 m. a. Derive an expression for the frequency of the alternating voltage on the dees of the cyclotron. b. What is...
  14. E

    A little Electromagnetism needed...

    Let me write down the xact problem as it is... A solenoid has a inductance of 50 'henrys' & a resistance of 30 'ohms'. If it is connected to a 100 V battery, how long will it take for the current to reach 1/3rd of its final equilibrium value.
  15. noor


    i have question on this topic i wonder i really did it right, hope someone can help me.. the question goes as follows: use Gauss' law to determine the change in the normal component of electric field at an interface carrying a charge of sigma C/m(square)(sorry i could not include the symbol for...