1. neila9876

    Casimir effect

    I don't know what's exactly the Casimir effect. Some materials in web tells that it's "the phenomenon of the occurance of attractive force between two metalic panels which close to each other in very small distance". If it is that, then someone who can explain why atoms can form that metalic...
  2. L

    Precession effect on the top of a tower

    Hello, i have a problem that i need to solve, but i don´t know how, any help from anyone would be great The problem is; in the top of a metallic tower is installed a radar antenna wich weights 170 kgs the hellix and about 230 kgs the motor. The antenna is fixed to a metallic profile...
  3. M

    photoelectric effect

    The existence of a frequency threshold in the photoelectric effect is often regarded as the strongest objection to the wave theory. Because?
  4. A

    (Photoelectric effect) Finding velocity of ejected electron given wavelengths

    Hey, I'm in my senior year of highschool and I'm stuck on this problem that deals with things I haven't even learned (Canadian education system for ya). It has to do with the photoelectric effect. Given the wavelengths of an X-ray before and after it strikes an unknown metal...
  5. M

    Strange optical effect related to light passing through a mesh?

    I hope someone here can explain this curious light effect. (I am brand new here, I just got online and searched for optics forum and this site showed up) Some background: I have a table with a laptop on it, and a chair sitting here that has a mesh back on it that has a pattern of ~2mm holes...
  6. P

    Inductive effect

    If you move the north pole of a magnet towards a coil of wire in a closed circuit, a current will flow in the wire which will result in a magnetic field in opposition to the north pole ie. another north pole in the coil. Alternatively if you move the south pole of a magnet away from the coil a...
  7. T

    The Coriolis effect, i understood this one to

    if i must wait for approval of my reactions to other forummembers on my topics. a few days with my gravitation, time in space and more on the other topic. and now. i do not want to continue. i am also going to remove my account here.
  8. H

    What effect does increasing or decreasing mass of a trolley have on my value of g?

    My guess is that as f=ma if mass decreases and force is equal then acceleration increases, but this seems wrong. Could someone please help and let me know what effect increasing or decreasing that mass of a trolley rolling down a ramp will have on my value of g ( acceleration due to gravity ) ...
  9. retrodynamic

    How Can Be Described the Formula of the Retrodynamic Effect?

    *Wordpress Blog State of the Art Novel InFlow Gearturbine Imploturbocompressor Retrodynamic Dextrogiro vs Levogiro Phenomenon Effect. / Rotor-RPM VS InFlow / front to front; "Collision-Interaction Type" - inflow vs blades-gear-move. Technical unique dynamic innovative motion mode...
  10. I

    Is Halls effect electromagnetic Induction?

    Need to explain if halls effect is or isnt electromagnetic induction.I think the answer is no but I'm not sure why.They both react when a magnetic field is present,it sounds similar.
  11. P

    The effect of focal length on collimated light output

    I was trying to get an idea of what effect if any different focal lengths for the same diameter lens had on a collimated beam? The conclusion I have come to so far is that it has no effect on the final collimated output, only the distance the light source must be from the lens in order to...
  12. D

    Effect of orifice diameter on force of water jet

    Just realised I posted this in the high school section. (While the question is quite basic, I thought due to the practical application, it might be better here) I am working on a job in wastewater treatment which involves rotary arms which distributes water onto filter media (Trickling...
  13. N

    Effect of electric potentials on electromagnetic waves

    What happens to an electromagnetic wave when it is radiated on an object with an electric potential? Namely, what does that electric potential do to the electromagnetic wave? Context: there is a stream of electromagnetic waves being radiated on the object. The object has varying electric...
  14. timemachine2

    Could mixing light wavelengths effect absorption, and emission process.

    The electron when hit by light moves to a higher shell level very briefly, to either shell 1, or 2 depending on the energy of the light wavelength. So because you mixed any EM radiation, with red light which has the lowest energy, could when light, or other EM waves gets absorbed, and the...
  15. L

    curvature effect can be neglected

    why when ℓ / R ≪ 1 , the curvature effect can be neglected ??
  16. M

    the wick effect

    do human bodies burn by themselves,i watched an experiment by a John DeHaan a forensic expert in which he wrapped a dead pig in a blanket and set it alight,after a few minutes the pig caught fire under the blanket and burned for 7hours ,the fire burned so hot that it turned the pigs bones to...
  17. kelsiu

    Meissner effect and levitation

    In a field less than critical field, decreasing the temperature below the critical temperature will eliminate the magnetic field inside a superconductor and increase the magnetic field around it. (Meissner effect). But does it related to levitation effect of magnet on a superconductor? What...
  18. Z

    How to stop venturi effect

    I have developed a product and i have a problem with air flowing past a dispensing tube. attached is a picture of the device. the top section is a tank and is dispensed via a tube into the base section when air is introduced to the top section of the tank. Air flow goes from the bottom...
  19. L

    effect of changing target metal to heavier metal in X-ray tube

    when target metal is changed to heavier metal in X-ray tube, the min wavelength will not change. but the wavelength of the characteristics line will become smaller. my textbook gives me the above statement explaining much. can someone please explain it? thanks !
  20. H

    Bernoulli's effect for liquids, concept help.

    I know that for a pipe with a constant fluid flow rate(m^3/s) that the pipe with a lower cross section area will have a faster speed, thus a lower pressure. Is this lower pressure the pressure that the liquid exerts on the wall? Or is the pressure due to there being less molecules in an area...