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    Dynamic Spring Plunger System Help

    Hi all! I'm having trouble trying to mathematically model a dynamic system. I tried to draw the system up and write out the algebraic governing equations in the attachment. In short, a compressed spring is pushing on a syringe plunger, which is pushing a liquid through a small radius tube. I...
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    Exist dynamic EM pressure ? static EM pressure ?

    1861 J. C. Maxwell, published his theory of electromagnetic fields and radiation,which shows that light has momentum and thus can exert pressure on objects. how big force ? is pushing electron during motion ? why we see famous wave on screen ? where EM energy is going more easy ...
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    Fluid Dynamic situation

    Dear everybody, At first sorry about my english, hope you all can understand my intent. I have a water system with a main pipe like the picture below, and we block the other side of pipe. Belong the pipe we put 6 valve like that ( 6 valve with same size, same pressure drop position, same...
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    Find the height and the velocity of the object

    A bolt is detached from the lower part of an elevator cabin that is ascending with velocity 6meters/second and for 3 seconds comes to the point from where the elevator started to ascend. Find: in which height is the end of the elevator in the moment when from it the bolt was detached. What is...
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    Dynamic Spring Rate formula

    Hi guys, I am trying to find a formula to calculate dynamic spring rate. Here is what I have to work with. Spring rate: 200# Static on the car: 1000# Spring travel: 3" Dynamic Load, car going through turns, 2200#
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    Force of Friction

    Hi! I'm having trouble with solving this question. Hopefully I can get help here A force of 112 N acts on 35 kg box which moves at a steady speed across the floor. The force is directed 40 degrees above the ground. How to state Newton's second law using x components and y components? x...
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    Thermo dynamic processes

    In a cylinder with 1.2 mol of an ideal gas, initially at 3.60 x 10^5 pa and 300k is compressed until the volume is halved. there are 3 compressions. isothermal, adiabatic, and isobaric. a) in which case is the absolute value of the change in interrnal energy of the gas the greatest? least...
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    Dynamic loudspeakers

    Ribbon/velocity microphone Hello, I have read that "the aluminium ribbon responds to the air velocity of the sound waves and not to any pressure variations". Does anyone have a picture of the difference between "air velocity" 'hitting' an object and pressure variations 'hitting' an...
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    Dynamic load deceleration of a hoist...

    My dad works on drilling rigs that use electricity (AC power, I think) to drive a really big winch called a "draw works". I am studying math to be an astronaut and he made a deal with me that if I can solve this problem he would buy me MatLab or MathCad to help learn more. He wrote "Dynamic...
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    Dynamic -Car-

    A car is rising an excerpt in slope of 2%, at a constant speed of 80,5 km/h. If the driver does not change the motion, or changing the pressure of your foot on the accelerator, which should be the acceleration of the car down the stretch of 3%? Answer 0,491 m/s^2
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    Determine the maximum theoretical speed expected for a car, leaving the rest, covering a distance of 50m. The coefficient of static friction between tire and road is 0,80. Knowing that the front wheels bear 60% of the weight of the car and the back, the remaining 40%. Determine the speed (a)...
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    Weyl tensor dynamic

    I recently became interested in relativity, therefore, I got me some good books on the subject and have decided to self-study as I find time. Anyway, has anyone ever seen the sci-fi/horror movie Event Horizon?. In the beginning, the man who developed the drive which propels the ship by...
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    Dynamic Equlibrium problem

    I have tried to figure this out for about three weeks and I am getting nowhere! I would really appreciate some guidance on understanding how the angle needs to be considered here. THanks very much! I realize since the acceleration is zero that we can use total force is equal to zero for both x...