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    Need help on E&M problem

    Hi. I'm not sure how to find the charge on Q. I thought dipole moments were only between 1 positive and 1 negative charge of equal magnitude. Also, why is my teacher asking for the number of electrons in Q? If it's water molecule, then aren't there 1 electron in each hydrogen atom?
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    scattering from a dipole born approximation

    So I am trying to understand and solve the problem mentioned in the title.I found a solution online: https://physics.bgu.ac.il/COURSES/QuantumMechCohen/ExercisesPool/EXERCISES/ex_9011_sol_Y09.pdf The problem is, I can't understand this step: https://ibb.co/H4pmtyz I relly can't find out how...
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    Dipole magnet as a cathode

    Hey physics professionals. This is a somewhat odd request for info but I thought I'd run it up the flagpole here, see who salutes; I'm aware a dipole magnet can't be a cathode, what I can't find is any specific information as to why. The kicker is I'm going to attempt to explain this to an...
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    Problems understanding video clip on electric dipole

    FLzJ2_DfNX0 In this video on electromagnetism from about 18:20 the lecturer derives the potential on a dipole. In deriving an approximation for large distances from dipole he makes a step (at about 20:50) I can't fathom. It looks similar to a MacClurin series but I'm not seeing how he got...
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    electric dipole

    will electric dipole continue move when it becomes parallel or antiparallel to electric field?
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    Finding dipole moment vector / Electric Field problem

    Numbers 3 and 4 from the included image are giving me some issues. Help?
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    patch and dipole antenna

    Hi Ok I have a contradiction in my mind: Patch antenna is called a leaky wave resonant cavity because of the magnetic slots which radiates. We all agree on the fact that they are standing waves with clearly identified max and min as a characteristic of a specific mode inside this cavity...
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    Magnetic Dipole Moment

    What exactly is magnetic dipole moment(say of a circular loop)?What is its physical significance?
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    Average Effective Dipole moment

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data (Bold x is the unit vector) A.Water relative permitivity is about 81. If the electric field E=1.0 x[V/m] is inside the water, what is the vector P(dipole polarization per unit volume)? B.Assume that the density of water is 1000...
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    Monopole moment, Dipole Moment and a Quadruple Moment

    Point charges are places at the corners of a cube of edge b Charges: Location -3q (0,0,0) -2q (b,0,0) -q (b,b,0) q...
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    electric dipole

    Consider the electric dipole shown in Figure P23.22. Show that the electric field at a distant point on the +x axis is Ex ≈ 4ke qa/x3. I tried to get a picture but that didn't work out but it basically shows a positive and a negative charge on the x-axis with a distance of 2a between them...
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    Electric dipole

    An electric dipole has positive charge of 4,8x10^{-19}C to 6,4x10^{-10}m a negative charge of the same intensity. What is the electric potential at a point distant 9,2x10^{-10}m of each charge ?