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    Why is the electric field inside the dielectric cancelling?

    So, I was studying force between the plates of a capacitor when a dielectric is inserted. Here is my question https://ibb.co/cenvXk Shouldn't it be like this picture below https://ibb.co/kOUsCk So, why is my teacher saying that the electric field inside the dielectric cancelling...
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    Medium surrounding a van de graaff generator

    According to wikipedia the maximum achievable potential of a van de graaff generator= dielectric strength of the surrounding gas * radius of the sphere. what if the surrounding to the sphere is not a gas, but a liquid, will anything change?
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    Net force acting on a liquid dielectric

    From Reitz's Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory: Two coaxial cylindrical conductors, of approximately same radius, are separated by a distance d in the radial dimension. The cylinders are placed into a liquid dielectric of susceptibility \chi and density \delta The cylinders are held at a...
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    An electric field of 30000V/m is applied on a sample of neon gas at N.T.P. Calculate the moment induced in each atom, if the dielectric constant of neon at N.T.P is 1.000134. Also find the atomic polarisability of neon.
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    Dielectric Filled Parallel Plate Capacitor Question

    I recently had a test in my Physics class and I answered this question wrong. I'm trying to figure out the correct solution so I can keep it in my records for future reference. I'm unsure how to set this up, I can't seem to find a way to solve it without a given value of Q. "A parallel...
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    Parallel plate capacitor

    Here is the question... A parallel plate capacitor with paper between the plates has an electric field of 9.31 104 V/m between the plates. The plates are 1.75 mm apart and the charge on each plate is 0.775 µC. Find the capacitance of this capacitor. 1 F Find the area of each plate. 2...
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    Dielectric Mirror

    hi guys, I'm required to design a dielectric mirror with TIO2 and SIO2 which reflects 60% to 70% of visible light and transmit the rest. Any hints?
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    Questions for dielectric tensor

    1. About the dielectric tensor in 1-dimensional semiconductors: it seems that the tensors should be diagonal, but what about the array of such system? should we expect an isoptropic behavior? 2. Suppose we have the born effective charges of such a system, how can we get the dielectric tensor...
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    dielectric slab attraction

    In many problems, i see a dielectric goes in or out of capacitorr plates.i do not understand clearly why a dielectric gets attracted. if someone knows the mechanism, please tell me.
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    Capacitor and dielectric

    A capacitor is constructed commercial wrap two sheets of aluminum separated by two sheets of paper coated with paraffin. Each aluminum foil and paper has width of 7cm. A sheet of aluminum has 4x10^{-6}m and thickness of paper is thick 25x10^{-6}m and a dielectric constant of 3,70. What is the...
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    Capacitor and dielectric help

    A parallel-plate capacitor with air as the dielectric has a capacitance of 6*10^-4 microfarad and is charged by a 100V battery. The battery connections are now removed, leaving the capacitor charged, and a dielectric of relative permittivity 3 is placed between the plates. What is the new energy...