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    Free Body Diagram

    Please , could any body help me to draw the free body diagram for the below problem ? assume that the static friction coefficient between the sloping beam and the ground is us . Thanks in Advance
  2. Z

    Energy and Work (pV diagram problem)

    Hi there! So I've never taken physics until now (first year in uni) so I'm struggling to say the least. I'm trying to do this problem of a pV diagram and I'm stuck on b). I've done a) and c). I'm just confused how to find Vc in an isothermal process because if it was adiabatic then I could use...
  3. G

    Free body diagram

    Greetings! I could need some help on the following problem. 1. Explain force and momentum equilibrium for a free body and the division of forces in composants. Show how these are used to determine the forces on the two rods in the figure. 2. Explain what tension there are in the rods...
  4. V

    Work done PV diagram

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data A mass of gas occupying volume V1 = 2 m3 at the pressure P1 = 4*10^5 Pa performs the cycle represented in the Figure that i have uploaded.What is the work of gas in this cycle, knowing that the pressure P2 = 10^5 Pa 2. Relevant...
  5. B

    Draw the ray diagram of the spherical fish bowl

    Well I'm stuck with the question 4a) here. Maybe someone can tell me how to draw the ray diagram and the reason for it. I'm happy for any help :)
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    Phase diagram question

    Hi everyone, I just started studying materials science as part of my undergraduate degree and there is something that I don't understand about phase diagrams. I have been looking particularly at the phase diagram of a copper zirconium alloy. I have seen that when I am using a 50% copper...
  7. L

    Moment diagram

    for the moment diagram, why the 400Nm straight line is drawn from the point of moment to A only? why shouldnt the 400Nm straight line is drawn from the point of moment to B only?
  8. S

    How to draw a P-v diagram?

    So I have some specific data for an otto cycle. I have the initial state pressure, temp and volume and the maximum temp and pressure. The process is ideal except for the compression process which is a polytropic process with coefficient of 1.3. To be able to draw a P-v diagram for this...
  9. C

    Binary phase diagram

    Hi, I am a thermodynamics student and I am having trouble understanding a simple binary phase diagram. I am not sure if this is the proper place for this question but I am really frustrated. My question is in the Al+Ge region do I need to create a tie ? I feel like the answer is no because...
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    motion diagram

    Charles Blondin was the first person to cross the Niagara Gorge on a tight rope. Consider the origin of a coordinate system to be the end of the rope on the Canadian side of the gorge and position 1100 meters to be the end on the US side. He crossed from the US side to the Canadian side...
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    Help with free body diagram for a pendulum

    I wrote the summation of forces perpendicular to the inverted pendulum and the summation of the moments about the centroid of the pendulum. I am not sure if they are right (especially the signs) and was wondering if someone could check
  12. S

    Free Body Diagram help?

    What am I doing wrong for this free body diagram? Says it is wrong It is car accelerating to the right. I need normal force, weigh, drag force, and friction vectors.
  13. B

    another difficult ray diagram to solve..pls help

    hi..please help me with this question from my homework..totally dont understand how to draw. thanks!!!
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    homework help for ray diagram please!

    can anyone help me solve this ray diagram as attached? thanks!!
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    question about the block diagram

    Dear all I have a question about the block diagram. (see as follow) url: http://i.imgur.com/WPVZ6KA.jpg thank u for ur help *********** Matthew
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    Free Body Diagram Help

    For the back handspring in this video (0:17 seconds): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av8wYmqikOE Using the stick diagram below draw the following: a. Place an X on an appropriate location of the jumper’s torso to represent her/his C of G. b. Draw the 2 Ground Reaction Forces vectors -...
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    Calculate current from circuit diagram.

    from the diagram i drew I want to calculate the current in the battery for the circuit, can someone help me with this. Want to use symbols too. R1 and R2 are in series, they are in parallel with R3, and R4 is in series with R1, R2, and R3. The diagram is attached.
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    Incorrect label on diagram?

    I'm referring to...
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    circuit diagram

    Hello- I am taking a college physics 107 course which is electric circuits learned through inquiry. I have never taken a physics course, and I am looking for some support. I have attached a homework problem that I have attempted, but I am not sure if my answer and or reasoning is correct. I...
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    Free-body diagram of a balloon

    A (hot-air) ballon is rising from the ground, and is affected by: Buoyancy - a constant = B Gravity W = mg Air resistance F = -D v v In addition there is a wind blowing with the velocity: w = wî along the horisontal. What would the free-body diagram for the forces in the (horisontal)...