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    Physics Depth Study Advanced Mechanics

    Hi, I just got my first year 12 assignment which is a depth study of advanced mechanics. I had one idea of investigating the motion of rockets and satellites. I could even do something with circular motion or projectile motion, taking air resistance into consideration. I just don't what to do or...
  2. R

    Depth of Penetration

    Hello all I have tried to solve this question but i failed , could any one help me to solve it and explain it to me , i will so thankful . Best regards Razi
  3. C

    Types of lens flare - light and optical depth?

    I'm trying to understand what's going on with lens flare in different kinds of lenses. There's a lot of lens flare out there creating weird and wonderful artifacts in people's pictures. Without understanding the kind of lens flare going on in a very flat lens (e.g. smartphone) or a long lens...
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    Hydrostatics: Bubble-Tube Depth Gage.

    Old fashioned depth gage uses a "bubbled nitrogen," hydrostatic event. Check it out? JP
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    depth of pressure

    why the P2 = P atm ? why not P2 = P atm +5 ρg ?
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    Pressure at a certain depth is the same on all sides of the object?

    Assuming that the object's surface is at the same depth, for example an object that is a line ----, why is there an equal pressure on the underside of the line? I know that at the top of the line, the perpendicular force is due to the weight of the mass of the liquid. Is the perpendicular...
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    How to calculate the depth of penetration of a magnetic field

    Hello, I am a student from papau new guinea and I am trying to understanding the penetration depth of magnetic fields in a conductor. What equation do I use to calculate the attenuation of a magnetic field penetrating a conductor? Thank you for your help!
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    [SOLVED] Perceived Depth

    As I posted this question, I realized what the answer was. Sorry lol...
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    Perceived Depth

    I am looking down from my raft at a shark. Since I do not know anything about optics, I think the shark is somewhere along the line BD. Where do I 'think' it is along the line though and why? Thanks