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    Rotating Cylinder

    Any help to solve this problem? Thanks in advance
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    Stationary vertical cylinder with heavy piston

    Hi, I'm just starting to learn thermodynamics and I'm completely stuck with a problem: A stationary vertical cylinder, closed at the top, contains a gas whose volume may be changed with the aid of a heavy, frictionless piston of weight w. a) How much work is done by the external force in...
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    Analytical relation for the length of the wake behind a cylinder in an external flow

    Hello all, Does somebody know if there is an analytical relation to calculate the length of the wake formed behind a cylinder in a turbulent external flow of air? There are analytical equations to calculate the pressure field and velocity (and the lift and the drag) around the surface of the...
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    Cylinder moving on plane with friction

    A hollow cylinder with mass m and radius R stands on a horizontal surface with its smooth flat end in contact the surface everywhere. A thread has been wound around it and its free end is pulled with velocity v in parallel to the thread. Find the speed of the cylinder. Consider two cases: (a)...
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    Cylinder rotating on a horizontal surface with friction

    A hollow cylinder with mass m and radius R stands on a horizontal surface with its smooth flat end in contact the surface everywhere. A thread has been wound around it and its free end is pulled with velocity v in parallel to the thread. Find the speed of the cylinder. Consider two cases: (a)...
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    Transienent conduction in a cylinder

    Hi guys, I have a MatLab assignment that seems to be more complicated then i first thought. I'm supposed to write a numerical scheme solving transient heat conduction in a cylinder (T=T(r,z,t)). The B.C's are constant heat flux at r=a (Neuman) and constant temperature at the base of the...
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    Which is a simple yet accurate way to predict the type of flow in a rotating cylinder

    Hi, I am trying to find an empirical formula/graph/simple calculation that I can use to predict the flow pattern inside a horizontal rotating hollow cylinder. I intend*to find a method by which I can understand the onset of different flow patters (i.e. annular, rimming, pool .etc) by varying...
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    conducter wrap all over a cylinder

    given a conducter with length L and width a (L^2>>a) with σ0 conductivity. we wrap the conducter all over around an emptey cylinder which has radios r, (a^0.5)<<r<<L. we now connect between the two side of the conducter a light with R resistence. the magnetic filed is B=Bcos(wt)(z^)...
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    Bore of Cylinder for Reprocating Compressor

    Bore of Cylinder for Reciprocating Compressor Good afternoon, Could anyone help me with my thermodynamics assignment question please? My tutor has said that my answers are within acceptable values, however, my answers for bore of each cylinder are incorrect and that they should be about...
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    rotation in a cylindrical cylinder

    what's the difference between zs and hc ? in the pictuire , they are both drawn from the bottom of water to the free surface ...
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    Coaxial Cylinder

    Problem: A long metal cylinder with a radius 'a' is supported on an insulating stand on the axis of a long, hollow, metal tube with radius b. The positive charge per unit length on the inner cylinder is "lambda", and there is an equal negative charge per unit length on the outer cylinder. a)...
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    Fluid flow across a cylinder kept an angle with vertical

    Hello, I need some help with a problem in fluid mechanics. Consider a situation where a cylinder ( of a given radius and length) is kept at an angle theta to the vertical, and a fluid flows across this cylinder. I need to determine the forces and moments acting on this cylinder, for different...
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    Cylinder and water pressure

    Please help me solve this question; An inverted cone 1 m high and open at the top contains water to half its height, the remainder being filled with oil of specific gravity 0.9. If half the volume of water is drained away find the pressure at the bottom (apex) of the inverted cone. [9033 N m−2]
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    Ice skater and solid cylinder questions

    (Wondering)(a) An ice skater with an initial moment of inertia of 1.34 kgm2 with arms outstretched horizontally is initially spinning at 9.10 revs/s. She draws her arms vertically in by her side reducing her moment of inertia to 1.25 kgm2. What is her new angular velocity...
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    Volumetric Efficiency of 4 cylinder 4 stroke engine

    I have been asked to calculate the following problem and I am struggling with calculating the volumetric efficiency part c. So far I have calculated: A 4 cylinder 4 stroke engine of 78mm bore and 105mm stroke develops an indicated power of 47.5kW at 4400rpm. The air/fuel ratio is 21kg air/kg...
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    Rotational kinetic energy of cut cylinder

    Hey, had a basic rotational problem here that I wanted to double check if I'm thinking correctly about. We have a cylinder rotating about an axis through its center, with a rectangular section cut out of the middle. I'm attaching a pdf of the problem and my very simple description of my...
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    Heat flux on a cylinder

    Hi! I'm used to problems which ask me to find the heat flux for when, for example I have a very long cylinder covered with an insulator, each with their respective thermal conductivity coefficient. I'd use the Fourier's formula. But now I have a situation where the cylinder is covered with two...
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    Derivation for rotating cylinder

    The vase problem has now been solved dthank you kind ser ia ma a little drunk and high right now haha!!!
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    Cylinder lorring between two planks

    A cylinder is sandwiched between two planks two constant horizontal forces F and 2Fare applied on the planks as shown. Masses of planks and cylinder are indicated in the figure. Radius of the cylinder is as shown. If there is no slipping at the top and bottom of cylinder
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    Skater on Cylinder

    Hi I didn't know what level exactly this problem would be, mods feel free to move it. A skater is on top of a large cylindrical structure almost at rest. He will slide down the cylinder until he obviously falls of and loses contact with it. The task is to find out what height above the...