1. P

    Nail to create more stronger attachment

    We can create more stronger substance by nail. Metal nail looks like weak than itself with 100 percent two metal together. But nail create more stronger attachment between two metals.
  2. B

    How do I determine the amount of water in a sealed container to create a given pressu

    I have a sealed container with a volume of 1 liter. I want to go from an initial pressure of p1=1 atm and an initial temperature of T1=298 to a final pressure of p2=10 atm and a final temperature of T2=453 K. I want to to use water to create the pressure. But I do not know how to determine the...
  3. O

    How lasers can create different fluorescent colors of proteins?

    I would like to know on how lasers with specific wavelengths can create different fluorescent colors of proteins, what make proteins creating fluorescent colors in atomic levels? Please watch following video for detailed description, I don't understand how green fluorescent protein is...
  4. Anonymous

    How did The Big Bang create the first elements?

    I was told that the first elements in the universe was Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium and Beryllium, and that these were made by The Big Bang. How exactly were these elements created by The Big Bang? Thanks
  5. J

    Create anti protons

    Hello, can you please explain how to create the anti protons? Thank.
  6. J

    Create a Hologram with Matlab!?!?!

    Hi, I have been given a task to mathematically create a hologram of an object so that I can try various reconstruction procedures to obtain the objects field. For simplicity I am assuming the object is a 1*1 pixel in a 256*256 matrix (x,y plane) and it is assigned the value exp(-i*thi(x)) so...