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    dark matter composition, cosmic web and cosmic web- dark matter association

    Can anybody introduce to me some papers etc about dark matter, cosmic web and their association?
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    Cosmic rays: electromagnetic radiation or particles?

    Hi: In a physics textbook from 1968, a picture representing the electromagnetic spectrum, is divided into several regions: power transmission, AM radio, ..., X rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays, and the figure says: "The electromagnetic spectrum: ....... The scale ends in the vicinity of the...
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    Cosmic ray proton

    I'm not really sure if this problem belongs in this forum. It is from Tipler chapter 3 on Quantization of Charge, Light, and Energy. Problem 4: A cosmic ray proton approaches Earth vertically at the equator, where the horizontal component of Earth's magnetic field is 3.5 X 10^-5 T. If the...