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    Converting Density to Molecular Weight

    Greetings all. I am currently in the midst of a Final Acceptance Testing for one of our customers that is purchasing some Density Meters. Physics is not my strong point as I am a Test Engineer and I desperately need some help. Our product is spec'd out such that it reports Density, Pressure...
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    Efficiency of converting sunlight into chemical energy?

    Hello! I'm having trouble with this physics question: A large tree collects sunlight over an area that is 8m in diameter. The average solar radiation is 168W/m^2. The tree grows for 8 months of the year and is dormant for 4 months of the year. After ten years the mass of the tree has...
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    Converting displacement to distance

    Suppose you have the function for a particle's displacement (which is a vector). Is it possible to manipulate this function so that the result is an expression of the function's total distance (which is a scalar)? Consider s(t) = 5t is an expression of the particle's displacement...
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    Converting total heat in mechanical work.

    Converting total heat in mechanical work, is currently regarded as a utopia. I have a theory that demonstrates that this is possible. Believe someone? george,Romania.
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    Converting specific heat of aluminum

    The specific of aluminum is .22 cal/g*C Converting to kcal/kg*C = .22 kcal/kg*C Converting to BTU/lbs*F = .012 BTU/lbs*F .22 kcal/ kg*C = 1 BTU/.252 kcal = 1 kg/2.2 lbs = 1 C/((9/5)*1+32) = .22 BTU/ 18.73872 lbs*F and then I divided that out to get .012 BTU/lbs*F Did I do this right?