1. H

    Use Conservation of energy to solve projectile motion

    Hello, I’m working on this homework problem and am having trouble finding a way to explicitly solve for initial velocity. I got a hint from my professor that the final point should be at the top of the parabola, but I may have misunderstood him. We solved this using kinematics when we were on...
  2. muon

    Weak isospin conservation

    I've heard that weak isospin "is always conserved" and yet "isn't directly observed to be conserved" due to interaction with the Higgs. What does that mean? It seems to be that in some interactions (these examples also include the Higgs itself): Higgs decay -> W+ and W- Higgs decay -> Tau and...
  3. P

    Energy conservation in mixing streams

    Is it correct to apply two separate Bernoullis equation - for sections 1-3 and for 2-3? Why/why not? I ve seen such solution to this problem on the internet but I have some doubts. I think that energy between sections 1 and 3 is not conserved because of energy exchange with the other stream...
  4. L

    Conservation of energy problem

    If the speed of a 62 kg skier at P is 1.5 m/s, and the conversion from potential energy to kinetic energy as she skies down the hill is 65% efficient, then her speed at point Q will be _ m/s and _ kJ of energy will have been lost due to friction. I found the speed and it was 11.57 m/s...
  5. avito009

    Neutrino and conservation of energy.

    In the process of beta decay the neutrino carries the missing energy and also in this process the law of conservation of energy remains valid. In beta decay, a neutron in an unstable nucleus transforms into a proton and emits an electron or a proton transforms into a neutron and emits a...
  6. NonGrataEngineering

    Conservation of energy vs Gyroscope

    Removed by author. I was duplicated
  7. NonGrataEngineering

    Conservation of energy vs Gyroscope

    Disproving Conservation of Energy Law Very few scientists dare to doubt conservation of energy, doing so destroys reputation and carrier. Nevertheless, let’s take a chance. "This law of conservation of energy is not something we have derived from basic physics principles. Rather, it is a law...
  8. T

    About Conservation of Potential Energy

    Hi Colleagues, I copied a "thread" then extended it with a comment and questions. This is basic. I don't know the answers. Problem: A uniform 3.00 kg rope, 24.0 m long lies on the ground at the top of a vertical cliff. A mountain climber at the top lets down half of it to his partner to help...
  9. avito009

    Law of conservation of thrust

    Is there some law of conservation of thrust. See my question is simple. Thrust= pressure x area. Now we all know that pressure increases as area decreases. Suppose pressure is 8 and area is 2 then thrust is 16. Now when pressure is 2 and area is 8 then also thrust is 16. Is there some kind of...
  10. K

    Conservation of information? What is it?

    What is the name of the principle that information cannot be lost from the universe called? I heard someone talking about throwing encyclopedias into black holes, somewhere on the internet. Or is it just called conservation of information or something? Does anyone know of any links I can...
  11. A

    Ball on string, conservation

    I am reviewing physics by going through "fundamentals of physics." I am working on a problem where a massless string of length L is connected to a ball, and is released from horizontal. directly below the top end of the string a distance d below is a peg. The distance between the peg and the...
  12. C

    Conservation of Energy

    Hello, I'm having trouble trying to solve and explain this problem to my friend and was wondering if you guys can provide a solution and a simple explanation, that would be great! Thanks a. If Spring 2 can only compress by 2 meters, what mass must the bock have, given the setup depicted in...
  13. M

    Help about energy conservation in electromagnetic induction

    .....I want to tell how I think about it...PLEASE TELL ME IF MY THOUGHT IS CORRECT.The electrical energy delivered to the coil is stored in the magnetic field of the coil.Through electromagnetic induction this energy transfer to the ring that appears as electrical energy.The reading of...
  14. M

    Electromagnetism and conservation of energy

    ..Is ok if I say that kinetic energy of the magnet transform to electric energy on the coil.And the electric energy on the coil transform to electric energy on the ring.So if the ring wasn't there the reading on the galvanometer would have been greater????
  15. K

    Does Heisenberg violate energy conservation?

    Does the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle require temporary violations of the law of conservation of Energy? I find on Google that many seemingly scholarly sites claim that such violation truly happens. But then I found the following link...
  16. A

    Resonance and conservation of energy

    I am currently stuck on a exam question which says, A standing wave is produced by small transverse oscillations of one end of a taught string stretched between an oscillator and a fixed point. The frequency of oscillation is adjusted to be resonant at the third harmonic. The amplitude of...
  17. N

    Why does color conservation lead to anticommutation in three quark superfields?

    I read in Weinberg's book(vol 3 page 237) that ''To conserve color, the coefficients of the operators (QQQL)_F(F means Fcomponent of (QQQL) operator of superfilds) and (UbarUbarUbarEbar)_F must be totally antisymmetric in the colors of the three quark or antiquark superfields,...''but I do not...
  18. N

    Momentum Conservation

    A rocket is launched and travels vertically up. At a designated point, when it travels at 500 m/s, two empty tanks, each of mass 1 t, are separated from the rocket. The velocity of tank 1 immediately after separation is vx = 20 m/s, vy = 450 m/s and the velocity of tank 2 is vx = 10 m/s, vy =...
  19. N

    Energy Conservation Questions

    A force increases linearly with time, F = c*t where c is a constant, and acts on an object of mass m. The object is at rest at t=0 and you have to calculate its velocity at a later time T. No other forces are acting on the object. No other information is given to you. Which of the following...
  20. T

    Pascal's Law

    According to the law of conservation of energy, the work that goes inside a system must be equal to that which comes out of it. But according to Pascal's Law if we apply a smaller force on one part of a liquid then it is possible to do greater work (as in case of brakes). Doesn't this violate...