1. Q

    PLASMA BALL and Concave Mirror Trick

    I recently purchased a plasma ball and was trying to think up tricks to do with it and saw the concave mirror trick online where it creates a virtual image of a ball or a pig or whatever when inside to 2 concave mirrors with a hole in the top one. With that in mind I am wondering what would...
  2. avito009

    Properties of concave mirror used for correcting myopia.

    Properties of concave lens used for correcting myopia. Lets try to apply physics practically. I got my new pair of glasses with concave lens used to correct myopia. So I observed something and was curious to know about it. In the beginning for a couple of days when i wore the glasses, nearby...
  3. N

    Concave Mirror

    Q.) A student has three concave mirrors A, B, C of focal lengths 20 cm, 15 cm and 10 cm respectively. Out of the three mirror identify the mirror which would be preferred to be used for shaving purpose.
  4. L

    pressure difference at concave side of bubble

    I was told that the pressure difference at concave side of bubble is higher , why is it so ?
  5. I

    Need answer on practical use of convex lens and concave mirror

    Hi all, I am an artist that is experimenting with practical use of convex lens and concave mirror in painting, but got stuck with something: image that goes thru the convex lens and gets projected on concave mirror actually gets smaller? Is there a possibility of using a convex lens in static...
  6. T

    Concave spherical mirror in a car headlamp

    I'm given only the object distance from the mirror. How would I find the focal length?
  7. R

    Spherical Concave Mirror

    A spherical concave mirror (not parabolic) has a radius of 4 cm on which a ray is incident 3 cm from the principle axis, as shown in the figure. Since the mirror is not parabolic the ray doesn’t pass through the focus. After reflection on A and then on B, the ray crosses the principal axis at...
  8. B

    intresting question on plano concave lens

    ) The plane side of a thin plano-convex lens is silvered. Will it act as a convex or concave mirror? Justify your answer by drawing a ray diagram. The material of lens has refractive index 1.5. What is the radius of curvature of the curved surface of lens if the focal length of the mirror is 40...
  9. S

    concave mirror

    I keep getting the wrong answer to this problem. I'm sure I'm making a stupid mistake somewhere, but can't figure out what's wrong. I'd really appreciate any help. QUESTION: It is observed that the size of a real image formed by a concave mirror is four times the size of the object when the...