1. P

    machine vs. computer

    What the difference between computer to machine?
  2. Z

    a photon computer

    See the Attach Files
  3. P

    Language by computer

    We are using letter, but it is impossible to translate language by computer. By computer, language is just the rule. And still we are using the computer truly. We do not need to change the computer. And also, we take the rule of computer as the nature itself. It means everything is already done...
  4. Chemist116

    Physics Software Recommendation on computer assisted software for drawing motion and vectors

    Hello. I'm new to this forum. I'm looking for a recommendation on a software that is preferably free or open source that can be used to replicate a diagram similar to the picture from below. I know that there are some applications web based on different sites like geogebra but for my...
  5. P

    Physics Software Man's ability and computer

    We can compare the number between man and computer. Each unit is the calculation by computer. So when each unit is counting together, we can think to change the amount of all possible counting number at once and each step for unit. So when computer is working as number, it is impossible for...
  6. J

    Describe a quantum computer

    I would like to know if the following counterintuitive statement is representative for how a supposed quantum computer is believed to posses an exponential speed up over modern modern computers: Define a 1 qubit system as one machine, a 2 qubit system as two machines, and so on. If one...
  7. R

    Recommend a Computer Course for Physics Major

    ellow there, i'm new :wave: i'm considering Physics Major..and was wondering if you guys would recommend few computer course to go alone with? Maybe even a minor in computer related stuff? Perhaps a programing language that you would recommend? I would really like to hear from ya, preferable...