1. N

    Can combining invisible EM waves, together as a single intertwined ray, make the beam

    Can combining invisible EM waves, together as a single intertwined ray, make the beams become EM waves that get absorbed by electrons, and? - change from waves that traverse solid matter. Like if you mixed radio, X-rays, and gamma waves together, would they become waves that get absorbed by...
  2. timemachine2

    Could combining light, and X-rays together, make opaque material with the least

    How opaque a object is depends on energy of electrons, the BAND structure, not how amorphous it is, or how many electrons the element has. All elements electrons differ in eV to move them from the ground state to shell 2. So if light was combined with X-rays, and the light was either 1...
  3. R

    Combining equations of state & calculating phase equilibria from them

    N.B. lots of background data, so as to minimise the chance of annoying people with an under-defined question; please scroll to the last paragraph for the actual problem. I'm trying to write a computer model of a multiphase system using classical thermodynamics (I have no training in statistical...
  4. S

    combining lenses

    I worked this problem and found some strange answers: 2 thin lenses separated by 10cm. First has a focal length of 20cm, the second has a focal length of 30cm. Here are my answers: Where H denotes the principle planes and O denotes the lenses. So here's the problem, recall that the lenses...
  5. D

    Combining like terms?

    This may come across as a rather silly question, but I'm having troubles combining like terms for a problem in physics (first year university level). Please note: ie. A(rightarrow) means a vector of A (A with the right arrow overtop) ie. i(hat) is a unit vector i (with the hat overtop...
  6. T

    Question on adding combining Voltage

    please i need to find out how the add both volt so i can calculate the current through each resistor the problem is on the attachment help please.