1. timemachine2

    if X rays were combined with red light together, could the electron not get excited,

    exited in the electron. Can you tell me what would be the outcome of this light experiment. So you mix X-rays with red light, the X-rays excite the electron to a higher shell level 2, or 3. Then the red light with the shortest wavelength, when it hits the electron as the electron is in shell 2...
  2. S

    Combined magnetic fields question

    Question (with solution): Let x,y be the axes on the sheet of paper where up and right are positive (like the question says actually). I do not get how the use of the right hand-rule should "convince me" that the field of each wire should cancel out in the first and...
  3. K

    I dont understand this question about total combined appreciated?

    What is the size and direction of the total combined momentum of the two trucks before they collide? Use conservation of momentum. *The thing I dont understand is that I thought to get the size and direction of the total COMBINED momentum the two trucks have to collide first...otherwise how can...