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    Color standards?

    Hi everyone, I need an information about the following matter. Say, we are talking about kg and I have a scale to measure the weights. If I put a one kilogram on the scale I see 1 kg on the display of course. This is possible because there is a standard 1 kg in "International Bureau of...
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    Color fringes on heated plate

    I've recently noticed that the ceramic plates I have home show an interesting light pattern whenever light is reflected on a slightly heated area of them. The setup is the following: a ceramic plate, a lightbulb a meter above it, and any means of heating such as blowing hot air or putting hot...
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    Question on the perception of color.

    Below is a diagram as to how I understand light and its behavior in the physical world at a rudimentary level. My question is whether we interpret the absence of a wavelength as a certain color, the solitude of a wavelength as the color, or both. If you emit white light at a "green"...
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    Why does color conservation lead to anticommutation in three quark superfields?

    I read in Weinberg's book(vol 3 page 237) that ''To conserve color, the coefficients of the operators (QQQL)_F(F means Fcomponent of (QQQL) operator of superfilds) and (UbarUbarUbarEbar)_F must be totally antisymmetric in the colors of the three quark or antiquark superfields,...''but I do not...
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    what is primary color and what is its significance??

    Same as the title, thanks!
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    Reflected light and color

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place as it's not quite a technical question, but I hope you guys can help me. I have a question about a certain situation involving reflection of light and how it effects color, and it requires somewhat of an 'artistic' eye. I had a little debate about...
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    what color does a green cloth appear in yellow light

    basically yellow light is either its own wavelength or a mixture of green + red, so here is the question; what color does a green cloth appear in yellow light i know it could only be black or green but which one