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    Equation for chemical potential of pure substance. Unsure why this derives as it does

    Hello, I am new to this. I have attached a screenshot from a journal article which talks about deriving Fick's first law. My calculus is a little rusty, and I don't understand how equation 5 is derived from equation 4. I'd have a go, but I have little to offer. All I have to offer is...
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    Efficiency of converting sunlight into chemical energy?

    Hello! I'm having trouble with this physics question: A large tree collects sunlight over an area that is 8m in diameter. The average solar radiation is 168W/m^2. The tree grows for 8 months of the year and is dormant for 4 months of the year. After ten years the mass of the tree has...
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    chemical potential

    Hello, I am having serious problems with the concept/definition of chemical potential: By definition mu=partial derivative U(S,V,N) with respect to N. Now 1) If S does not change,and the process of removing a particle is reversible, dQ=0. 2)If V does not change, no work is applied. 3) Form the...
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    Chemical Equilibrium

    Problem: For the reaction: H_2 => 2H (at constant Pressure of 0.05 atm). At what Temperature will there be an equal amount of each gas present at equilibrium? Attempt at Solution: Our text has table values for equilibrium constant lnk, however, they are listed by temperature values not...
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    ideal gas chemical potential

    Can someone explain me why we could put pi, μi and μiο in this formula?
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    chemical reactive to radon

    What are the elements attractive to radon?
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    Physics philosophy and chemical God's rule

    Physics is philosophy, but chemical is the study and no destiny, so two chemical atoms are mixed together perfectly. By the rainbow, the color(the color of light as the atomic substance) red with yellow is orange, yellow with the blue is green by feeling to color mix(art). "What the color of art...
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    Thermodynamics problem (refrigeration)

    Hey guys i'm new, i am a 1st year undergrad studying Chemical Engineering. I was recommened by a friend to use this site and i am hoping you guys can help me out of this pickle. I am stuck on this one question, any help would be much appreciated :¬( A steam power plant operates between a boiler...