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    Speed between two cars

    Hi, I found a programming problem that calculated the speed between two cars as below and I would like to know how the calculation is done. it is about determining the speed of two cars. The coordinate reference system (y,x) is attached to the ego vehicle (as shown in the attached figure)...
  2. T

    Time of cars lapping on second/third lap

    Hi guys, I've got a problem involving a track and two cars. The problem appears to be a fairly simple simultaneous equation but actually turns out to be a bit more complex. Two toy cars start from the same position and race around a track. Both cars accelerate for 3 seconds. Car A...
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    Elastic Collision of Two cars

    Hey there! So, I've got this sample exam that I'm working my way through, and I'm stuck on a few questions, but this one is particularly frustrating me: A careless driver rear-ends a car that is stopped at an intersection. Just before the collision, the driver slams on his brakes, locking the...
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    Crumple zones in cars, safety equipment and thin sponges

    Hello! I have a few questions that would be awesome if someone could answer.... 1. An egg dropped from 1m, for example, will break if it lands on concrete, but not if it lands on a thin sponge, even thought they experience the same impulse from each drop. WHY? 2. I have heard that cars today...
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    Speed of Cars while running toward them

    If a car is coming directly toward me going 35 mph, and I am running 6 mph towards it, what speed from the observer in the car will it look like I am going? This is not homework. I am reading a book on Einstein and his theory of relativity has caused me to think of this.