1. D

    Race Car vs. Truck Tire Wheels Rot. Dynamics

    Using your knowledge of rotational dynamics and material properties, explain why large, thick tires are used more often on heavy-load-bearing trucks (or mountain bikes) whereas smaller wheel and thinner tires are better for sports cars (or road bikes). For concreteness, you might compare a...
  2. R

    Kinematics: moving car with person inside At the time $t_0 = 0$ a train starts to accelerate from rest and person starts to walk inside the train from point A to point B (distance d). The acceleration of the train is given as a function of the distance covered: $a_T(s) =...
  3. B

    Race car front and rear suspension roll centers

    I have built a database that has several racing calculators in it to help me at the track and in the shop to setup a late model stock car. I would like to be able to figure the front and rear suspension roll centers and roll angle. In a perfect world the roll angles would be very close if not...
  4. S

    Can someone check my answers ? Travelling car.

    I just want some help checking my homework... Question: A care travelling at a velocity of 42ms-1 suddenly loses engine power and slows at a constant rate. It comes to rest after 75 seconds. a what is the acceleration during this time ? b how far did the care travel before stopping ? I used...
  5. B

    Race car weight transfer

    I am building a database in Access to assist in chassis setup of race cars. Here is what I am dealing with. A race car has 1 spring for each wheel Each spring has a jack bolt, which is a way to adjust the compression on that spring. Each jack bolt has 16 threads per inch. I have on the...
  6. N

    Car vs. airplane power

    Hi all, I have been trying to get my head around the relation between power, acceleration and thrust (force). In a car, the acceleration decreases when doing 0-60 mph as the transmission shifts up, although the same power (kW) is applied to the wheels. That seems natural since the torque on the...
  7. H

    Complex car chase

    Okay heres the deal: Cop passes a car that is speeding going 86 miles per hour. The cop slows down in order to turn around but must allow cars that are behind him to pass, so before he is able to turn around and begin pursuit, 33 seconds pass. The cop drives down the road A for about 1.6 miles...
  8. T

    Car lift - what parts bear most weight

    I have a vehicle lift at my house. It is a 2 post model that bolts to the floor. Each post has 2 arms that reach to the forward and rear of the car on each side. The vehicle sits on steel pads at the end of each arm. Once the vehicle is lifted via hydraulic rams, the arms may be rested in...
  9. T

    Pendulum In a Car

    A pendulum of mass 1.0 kg is suspended from the roof of a car travelling on a level road. An observer in the car notices that the pendulum string makes an angle of 10 deg with the vertical. What is the acceleration of the car? I drew the FBD diagram (attached) and I wrote the vertical and...
  10. B

    Need to find the fuel consumption rate of this car??

    A car engine with a power output of 50kW has a thermal efficiency of 24%. Determine the fuel consumption rate of this car if the fuel has a heating value of 45000kJ/kg? THAT is 45000 kJ of energy is relased for each kg of fuel burned. We were given this for home work. The teacher said we...
  11. T

    Concave spherical mirror in a car headlamp

    I'm given only the object distance from the mirror. How would I find the focal length?
  12. F

    Mousetrap Car Won't Move Far

    Okay, so I'm not really in High School (second year of college), but this is still a High School level problem. Anyway, I have a mousetrap car competition coming up in which we must get the car to move 15 feet and have the ability to calibrate it to move any distance under 15 feet as well. My...
  13. F

    Finding force of drag and friction of a car.

    What is the force and newtons exerted by drag and friction on a car that travels 108 km/h at a constant speed, using 120 hp engine operating at 35% effiiciency. I dont know where to start. Do I change the hp into watts? What formulas do i need? please help me because i'm not that good at...
  14. T

    Masses on a "car"

    Hey.. I dont know exactly how to get the solution for this one... We assume there are no frictions at all and we only look at the masses M, m1 and m2. I want to know how much force do i have to give to push M in such a way that it accelerates so fast that m1 and m2 wont move related to M...
  15. X

    Why do the headlights of a car dim when the starter motor is in operation?

    The answers say 'The heavy current causes a p.d. within the battery.' I don't understand this; the lights dimming indicates that there is low current passing through, does it not? Perhaps a parallel circuit has been created. Fred
  16. Y

    [SOLVED] Maximum speed of a car on a banking angle

    A car goes around a slippery curve. The radius of the curvature is R, the banking angle with respect to the horizontal is theta and the coefficient of static friction is μ. I need to find the max speed that the car can have without slipping. Could someone please check my work and tell me if...
  17. Black

    find the speed of the car falling

    delete this post.
  18. S

    acceleration of car's motion

    a car traveling at 36 mph accelerates uniformly for 5.3 sec. covering 491 ft in this time. what was the acceleration in ft/s*2?
  19. H

    car decceleration

    Two cars are traveling along a straight line in the same direction, the lead car at 25 m/s and the other car at 30 m/s. At the moment the cars are 20 m apart, the lead driver applies the brakes, causing her car to have an acceleration of -2.0 m/s2. (a) How long does it take for the lead car to...
  20. A

    what distance does this car require to stop when it s travelling twice as fast?

    a car travelling 30 m/s is able to stop in a distance d. Assuming the same braking force, what distance does this car require to stop when it s travelling twice as fast? i'm lost..hope u guys can help me