1. K

    Forces in vectors Calculation

    Hi please refer to the image for the question.
  2. Screwed

    Doubt with a calculation of the entropy of the surroundings.

    If we have an exercise like this: "Two moles of a perfect diatomic gas evolve from state 1 to state 2 through an irreversible process. In this process, the gas starts from a molar volume of 0.04 m3 / mol and 100 K to have a temperature of 500 K keeping the pressure of the system constant...
  3. B

    Flywheel Inverted pendulum torque calculation

    I started building my own flywheel inverted pendulum (i'm using a standard PID controller for the balancing). I came across many articles regarding the differential equation of the pendulum. Most article develop the motion equation using the Euler–Lagrange, few chose the Newtonian way. What I...
  4. G

    Ideal gas state calculation

    Dear all, I want to calculate thermodynamical properties of my molecule which I am calculating its thermodynamical properties of non-ideal part using Molecular dynamics. I need ideal gas state total energy, Cp, and Cv in several different temperatures. I am using opt+freq at B3lyp/6-311++G(d,p)...
  5. Alan

    mole calculation.

    This question is problem 1.3.1 from Herbert Callen's textbook in Thermodynamics, second edition. > One tenth of a kilogram of NaCl and 0.15 kg of sugar ($C_{12} H_{22}O_{11}$ are dissolved in 0.5 Kg of pure water. The volume of the resultant thermodynamic system is $0.55\times 10^{-3}m^3$...
  6. J

    Moment of inertia generic calculation

    Hi everybody, I am afraid I have come across another Moment of Inertia problem where I cannot see how to proceed to find the solution. It basically gives a cylinder, with generic length, radius and mass of values L, R and M and the fact that density of the cylinder varies linearly with the...
  7. B

    I need help with a Rigid Pendulum Calculation please

    I have a rigid body pendulum that is used to strike an object at the bottom of its swing. Ultimately I would like to know how much forced is the object being struck with. Could I do this with just knowing the velocity of the weight? I was thinking then I could get P=MV. Can someone please help e...
  8. H

    calculation frequency of oscillation.

    A particle of mass 10g is placed in potential field given by V= (50x^2+100)erg/g. what will be the frequency of oscillation? 2. Relevant equations n(frequency)=2pi(K/m)^1/2 3. The attempt at a solution F= -dU/dx . given is potential field. so dU/dx= (2*50x +0)=-100x. equating it with...
  9. L

    Tensor calculation in Lorentztransformations

    Hi, I have difficulties understanding the following relations. Given the Minkowski metric \eta_{\alpha\beta}=diag(1,-1,-1,-1) and the line segment ds^2 = dx^2+dy^2+dz^2, then how can i see that this line segment is equal to ds^2 = \eta_{\alpha\beta}dx^\alpha dx^\beta . Further, we want the...
  10. A

    Help with Pressure gradient calculation

    Hello everyone, I am quite ignorant in fluid mechanics, so I was hoping someone on this forum would be able to at least point me in the right direction on this question. This question really relates to vacuum chambers and the gas flow between them, but the pressure regime which I'm doing this...
  11. R

    Venturi Throat Calculation

    Hi guys and gals, I wondered if anybody can shed any light on this problem for me??? I have to solve the following problem(s): A 1000mm diameter pipe carries a maximum flow of 80Ml/d and connects to a horizontal venturi device.. 1. Determine the throat diameter of a 1000mm venturi flume...
  12. M

    Calculation for a golf ball launcher

    Hi, I need your help. Is my calculation correct? We have to build a launcher that will be able to reach a target that is place anywhere in a prism 3m X 3m X 1m. The launcher have to used a golf ball and gravity as source of energy. I am trying to calculate what we need as energy. ...
  13. F

    Frequency calculation- need help!

    Hi there, I'm really struggling with the below question. The mass of a car is 1250kg and the mass of the driver is 80kg. When the driver sits on the seat, the suspension system of the car compresses by 0.02m. The car (with the drier sitting in it) is then pushed down by another person and...
  14. H

    jumping particle height calculation

    Can anyone solve this below equation in matlab simulink model. I tried but i donot know how to solve in time domain. I have solved only by using laplace domain and the equation is m. d2y/dt2 = ((3.14*8.854*10^-12*l*l*E(to)Vsinwt)/((ln(2l/r)-1)((ro-y(t))ln(ro/ri))) -m.g where: m mass of the...
  15. C

    Mass calculation

    I'm having a bit of trouble with this question and was hoping to get a push in the right direction. When calculating the mass of the earth which has a greater effect; error in the length of the semi-major axis or the time period of the orbit.
  16. D

    Specific heat calculation

    I'm having a bit of a mental block that perhaps someone here could help out with. The task is as follows: To raise the temperature of a container by 1K requires 50J. 250g of a fluid is placed in the container. The temperature is raised with a heater, P = 15W. After a while the temperature is...
  17. L

    activity equation calculation

    hello...i have this equation A = (N/S) / (epsilon r/rough r) i have to used gamma spectrometer and to calculate A, i have to use this equation... but i donno whats is epsilon and also rough..please someone help me.. i know N is the count and s is the time (second)..
  18. Y

    Lever Arm Length Calculation

    Hello all, My question is this, say you have a 1 metre rod. One end is it's axis of rotation and on the other end you have a weight suspended by a 1 metre piece of string. The rod is parallel to the earth so the weight is hanging perpendicular to the rod. I'm assuming (maybe incorrectly) that...
  19. H

    Calculation of pressure inside cylindrical vessel

    Hi I need to know the pressure inside a sealed cylindrical vessel which has following parameters a) thickness of wall and bases = p b) dia of base = d c) height of cylinder = h d) height of liquid filled inside cylinder = g e) surrounding temp = T f) thermal conductivity of cylinder material =...