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    Build up magnetic charge on skin?

    Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to attach two electrodes to my skin, about an inch apart from one another, and somehow flow current between the two so that that length of skin builds up sufficient magnetic charge to be attracted to a nearby (e.g., within 1 inch of skin) magnet. My goal is...
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    Why we can't build a QFT of gravity?

    Why we can not consider the Einstein's equation as a motion equation of gravitation field in flat spacetime background.If we can,we would be able to construct a quantum field theory of gravity with the Lagrangian deduced from the Einstein's equation and the functional integral formalism.
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    How to build a short throw projector for a photography studio

    Hi! It’s been a while since I last studied how light travels using formulas so I think it is fair to say that I need some “professional help” I am a photographer and I want to build a projector :) Now, that might sound easy but I need a projector extremely powerful – all in order to...
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    If you were to build a ftl drive what would it look like

    Hey, I know this is science fiction but...theoretically if you were to build a warp drive, what would it look like. As in what parts would do what and what shapes would they need to be. I'm thinking atm of an alcubierre warp drive but essentially it can use any method. Basically what I'm...
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    Physics Lab Project: Design and Build an Electric DC Motor

    Hey, For one of our final lab projects, we have to (less design and more build) an electric DC motor on a 6V DC battery. Restrictions/Requirements: No plastic parts can be used The motor must run for at least 60 seconds No simple motors allowed "not-simple" means, it must have brushes...