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    scattering from a dipole born approximation

    So I am trying to understand and solve the problem mentioned in the title.I found a solution online: The problem is, I can't understand this step: I relly can't find out how...
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    The potential energy of born rigid body is a constant ?

    \ \ \ \ \ The sum of rest masses of a born rigid body consists of two parts: the potential energy of a born rigid body, and the actual particles or the material in the form of physical existence. \ \ \ \ \ For a born rigid body, there is no conversion between matter and energy. The actual...
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    Born interpretation

    I've looked everywhere for the answer for this so any help would be much appreciated What are the 4 conditions that the wavefunction must meet in the Born Interpretation?? its not an assignment its for study purposes Please and Thank you
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    BORN interpretation of the wavefunction

    a thing repeated over and over in all quantum topics is the probabilistic interpretation of the wave function.can anyone tell me how max born understood and derived it? i have tried many books but it is always postulated without derivation. and why is wavefunction always complex? why cannot...