1. I

    I can not solve this quantum harmonic oscillator question in Cohen's book

    If anyone can help me, I'm very grateful.
  2. K

    Trying to work with Susskind's Theoretical Minimum book

    Trying to figure out the above question. Susskind states the relationship between certain state vectors when using a measuring apparatus to detect spins in certain directions. He comes up with: |r> = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} |u> + \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} |d> and |l> = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} |u> -...
  3. B

    i need a book

    Can you tell me where I get the solution manual of cassical mechanics Herbert goldstein 3rd ?
  4. L

    Introductory Special Relativity book theory question

    According to the examples often used in introductory special relativity theory books, if a spaceship leaves the earth and travels towards a far distant galaxy at near the speed of light. Then turns around and returns to Earth, perhaps 10 years will have passed for the traveler and perhaps 1000...
  5. B

    Book friction problem

    Problem Suppose you are holding a heavy physics book upright between your hands as shown in the figure to the right. The mass of the book is 4.00 kg. When your right hand applies a force of 50.0 N normal to the book as shown, the book remains at rest. b.)What is the minimum possible...
  6. K

    This text book solution looks wrong

    This is a solution given in a text book but as far as I can tell: E - V_0 \tan^2(\frac{\pi x}{2a}) \neq E - (E+V_0)\frac{\sin^2(\frac{\pi x}{2a}) }{\cos^2(\frac{\pi x}{2a}) } Can anyone see anything I am missing?
  7. S

    [advice for a book]: QED applications in quantum optics

    I am a Physicist with a good knowledge of Classical Quantum Mechanics and its applications on Material Physics, Molecular Physics and Atomic Physics. In my undergraduates, I did also some studies about Dirac equation, but I didn't engage myself on things like the Standard Model and Particle...
  8. M

    Fun with kinematics and dynamics - free pdf book

    The new edition of the free physics text in pdf format is now online at The new 26th edition includes many new topics, pictures, puzzles and tables; it keeps the promise to be fascinating and challenging on every page. The new edition adds various...
  9. P

    A book is pushed against a vertical wall at an angle

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Albert is pushing a 1.8 kg book against a vertical wall at an angle of 30.0 degrees. If the coefficient of static friction is 0.47 and kinetic friction is 0.35, how hard does Albert need to push the book to allow it to slide down...
  10. S

    Rigid body rotation question (Is my book's answers wrong?)

    The question (with answers) is here and attached: My work is here and attached: If you divide multiply the answers I get by 10, they're equal to the book's answers. Is the book wrong or am I forgetting to take something into...
  11. F

    Book sliding on an incline problem

    There is a 1.0 kg book on an incline that is connected by a string to a 500 gram coffee cup. The cup is hanging off the end of the incline, dangling in air at a 90 degree angle with the floor. The book is given a push up the slope and released with a speed of 3.0 m/s. The coefficient of...
  12. P

    Quantum Mechanics Book or DVD

    Could somebody recommend an introductory book or dvd suitable for self study?
  13. W

    Help with some Basic Word problems Ch 2 book Physics

    First off I would like to say hi to everyone! I am taking Engineering Physics and right now I down right suck at it and simple things seem to confuse me. Its been 13 years since any math class which the last one was Calculus I. So as you can see I am pretty rusty and trying to teach myself...
  14. C

    Book sliding on a slope (With my full attempt)

    The 3.25 kg physics book shown is connected by a string to a 472.0 g coffee cup. The book is given a push up the slope and released with a speed of 3.79 m/s. The coefficients of friction are μs = 0.595 and μk = 0.241. What is the acceleration of the book if the slope is inclined at 29.5°? MY...
  15. S

    Challenge Problem-Text Book motion on an inclined plane

    I really need help with this question, Im not sure what to do with the velocity value or what to even plug in to solve for the angle. I think the acceleration is -9.8sin20, but I could be wrong. Could someone plz post an approach to this problem. Thx in advance
  16. A

    Fundamentals of Physics 8th edition solution book

    I didn't know where else to put this so I posted it here. I'm doing physics 101 at university and its killing me right now. I have a solutions book for my maths book and because of that I love maths since I find it really easy, but I'm not too sure what solutions book I should get for the...
  17. arbolis

    Questions about a Physics book

    As I'll start my Physics I class, I was already watching for a good book that will help me to understand concepts and exercises. I went to the library and found "Fundamentals of Physics" by Resnick, Halliday and Walker, 5th edition. Looking on the internet, I realized that they are now at the...