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    Block Spring System

    Please any help to solve this problem Thanks in advance
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    Stretched Spring & Block Problem

    A mass m=0.25kg that is attached to a spring with spring constant k=100 N/m is stretched 10cm to the right of its equilibrium position. After a time t=1s, the mass is how far from the equilibrium position? I am using the work of the spring and the kinetic energy of the block to solve this and...
  3. J

    Newtonian Mechanics : Block a wedge with no friction. How to solve for accelerations?

    A wedge with mass M rests on a frictionless horizontal table top. A block with mass m is placed on the wedge . The base of the wedge is at an angle of A degrees to the horizontal. There is no friction between the block and the wedge. The system is released from rest. Determine: 1) The...
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    Acceleration of a Block on an Atwood's Machine?

    Hello. I'm stuck on a problem that has me determining the acceleration of a block on an Atwood's Machine. (The whole question and figure are shown in the attached screenshot). Information Tensions T1 and T2 M1 = 2.0kg, M2 = 4.0 kg, and Mp (pulley) = 2.0 kg R = 6.0 cm Frictional Torque =...
  5. L

    weight of fluid block

    why the formula of weight of fluid block is given by the formula of ρg[ (R^2) - pi(R^2) ] 1? what does the 1m mean here ? shouldn't it = ρg (pi) (R^2) h ?
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    Refractive index of glass block

    A student wants to find the refractive index of a rectangular block of glass. He draws around the block and marks the position of a ray of light that travels through the block. With the block removed, the student can draw in a normal line and then measure the angle of incidence and the angle of...
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    Block sliding off edge of platform

    I'm trying to model the motion of a block sliding off an edge for a platform game I am making but I am stuck please help! Here is the concept: Here is my work so far: What are the equations of displacement and rotation in terms of time...
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    Degree of freedom of a block of wood sliding on a horizontal plane

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Find out the degrees of freedom of a block of wood sliding on a horizontal plane. 2. Relevant equations DoF=Nn-k N=no. of dimensions. n=no. of particles.k= no. of constraints. 3. The attempt at a solution I am considering the block of...
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    Help with a Focusing Optical Block

    Posted a while back but to no avail. I've since done some tinkering but need a little bit of help perfecting the math. I've constructed an experimental version of the above set up with success. Moving the plano-concave element away from the plano convex element brings the focal point...
  10. O

    How does Sunglass block UV light wave?

    "Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light but longer than X-rays, that is, in the range between approximately 400 nm and 10 nm, corresponding to photon energies from 3.1 eV to 124 eV." I would like to know on how filter from...
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    question about the block diagram

    Dear all I have a question about the block diagram. (see as follow) url: thank u for ur help *********** Matthew
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    Acceleration of a block on a pulley with mass

    A 1.4 kg block and a 2.7 kg block are attached to opposite ends of a light rope. The rope hangs over a solid, frictionless pulley that is 25 cm in diameter and has a mass of 0.72 kg. When the blocks are released, what is the acceleration of the lighter block? I think I've figured out that...
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    Pushing on a Block horizontal acceleration help

    Two forces, F1 and F2, act on the m = 7.20 kg block shown in the figure below. The magnitudes of the forces are F1 = 56.8 N and F2 = 39.2 N. θ = 70.4°. What is the magnitude of the horizontal acceleration of the block? I really have no clue what to do, please help me!
  14. Z

    Block on incline plane with two coefficient of frictions given?

    I wrote a test last week with a question that has been bugging me.. There was a block weighing 400kg on an inclined plane, 30 degrees to the horizontal. It said to find the max PULL force to keep the block from: Sliding up the incline (10 marks) Sliding down the incline (10 marks) There...
  15. C

    wedge and block

    If a block of mass m is placed over the wedge.such thet there is no friction then what is the acceleration of block 1.with respect to wedge 2.with respect to ground. Is it same or different.
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    Work HW Problem (Work done on block and spring system)

    Nevermind, solved! Thanks! This can be deleted.
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    A 15 kg block with a pulley attached slides along a frictionless surface.

    I already did part 1: 11cm/2 = 5.5 cm I need help on part 2 and 3. Any help is appreciated!! (Nerd)
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    Find the angle of a block sliding down the hypotenuse of a triangle

    Question: "The velocity of a 1.10 kg block sliding down a frictionless inclined plane is found to be 1.45 m/s. 1.50 s later, it has a velocity of 5.35 m/s. What is the angle of the plane with respect to the horizontal?" My work is attached. (DNE stands for "Does not exist" - I used that for...
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    Block and Spring Problem

    One of three blocks is attached to ceiling by a cord. Two others are connected by springs to the first block and to each other with coefficient k. What's the deformation of the springs? What's the tension in the cord? If the cord is cut, what's the acceleration of the blocks? I'm somewhat...
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    Block, plane and spring

    A block rests on an inclined plane. By using a pulley, the block is connected to a spring which pulls downwards with a gradually increasing force. Let U_k be the friction between the block and the plane. Determine the potential energy of the spring while the block starts to move. How to solve...