1. E

    Help with basic Physics work

    Hello there :) I'm new to these forums but I suspect they will be very helpful for years to come! I'm trying to study ahead and get a feel for first year of Physics, so I decided to go to MIT's OCW and start going through the course. I came upon one of these worked problems, but the video...
  2. G

    Basic Question - Mass vs Weight

    My daughter had a question from school and it confused me. The question reads: True of False; Both weight and mass measure how heavy (or light) an object or a substance is. My daughter circled false and I agree with her. But she missed that question. Mass is different than weight. Weight...
  3. F

    Basic Physic Problem -Accelaration due to Gravity

    A baseball is thrown straight up with a speed of 13.2 m/s. How fast is the baseball after 2.00 sec? In which direction is the ball traveling at this point?
  4. N

    Basic question about primary mirror and focal length

    I have a Cassini PM-160 spherical mirror used in telescopes as the primary mirror. The mirror is concave with a radius of curvature of 2600mm and focal length of 1300mm. I am using the mirror in an imaging application. I have a very basic question. If an on object is located beyond the focal...
  5. A

    Basic Physics circuits

    I know this is probably really simple , but i just don't understand how to work out a question like the one attached.
  6. N

    Need help for some basic PHYSICS questions, immediately

    I got the answers. Thanks for visiting. :D
  7. A

    A basic question about magnetism

    I would like to ask a seemingly daft question. What is the experimental evidence for the traditional magnetic flux, as described by people such as Faraday, Maxwell and Fleming? We need to bear in mind that this magnetic flux was based on an ignorance of magnetism - orbiting and spinning...
  8. P

    A very basic doubt about boundary layers

    Please refer the figure(click on the link): OR "Introduction" of chapter "Laminar Boundary Layers" from the book "Viscous Fluid Flows" by F M White. The author shows how for high reynolds number we have thin boundary...
  9. C

    Basic problem, quick help needed

    Hi, really simple but my head is fried and i can't get my head around this. Would the guage reading at A be as simple as atmospheric pressure+pgh for (ii)?
  10. S

    Basic ques but getting confused

    Just a simple Pulley question to start with - Imagine an ideal pulley with equal masses M hanging on it on each side. So I raise the level of one mass with my hand, so right now , when i am holding one mass, they are at different levels. Now I let go off the mass. Would they move and try to...
  11. B

    Statics - Very basic question

    I'm currently cramming for a statics final, and it seems that I understand all of the concepts but lack the fundamental geometry skills to tie it all together. In a basic problem such as this: The goal is to find...
  12. P

    Help with basic question?

    Two points on a string at x=0 and x=1 are observed as travelling harmonic wave passes. The transverse displacements of the two points are: y1= 0.2sin(3PIt) and y2= 0.2 sin(3PIt+PI/8) I have to deduce the wavelength and speed of the waves, and decide if the conclusions are unambiguous...
  13. C

    Need basic help understanding liquid physics

    Hello, I have never studied physics, but have always wondered why things work the way they do. A recent "thought experiment" I did left me confused, and I thought someone here could help explain the basics, so I know how my thoughts are messing me up. Here is the "experiment": a)I have a 100 lb...
  14. G

    Actual Total enthalpy Basic Problem

    Hello, I sat an exam today and the following question came up: Saturated steam is at a pressure of 6 bar g and has a dryness fraction of 94%. Determine the Actual total enthalpy and Actual specific volume. Given: Actual total enthalpy = hf + hfgX Actual specific volume = VgX No...
  15. C

    basic velocity/acceleration problems

    Hello all, just had a few study questions for a midterm tomorrow. Not sure how to work through these, even though at this point in the semester I should probably have a better idea. Anyways, they are as follows, and thanks for any help... In the NBA Finals Russell Westbrook goes for a spot up...
  16. L

    basic but tricky - a spring question

    sory for my english (and my phisics) in advance... a rock (with m=1.5) falls on a spring (k= 1.5x10^5, m= very small) the question is what is the force that the rock applies on the spring at maximum contraction... i think the only force a rock that falls can apply is mg - in the other...
  17. B

    Which materials are best to learn the basic of "e^jwt"? What topic is it?

    Which materials are best to learn the basic of "e^jwt"?What's the name of the topic? Thanks with gratitude.
  18. arbolis

    [SOLVED] Very basic question about capacitors

    Hey, I already took the course of electricity but I don't know why I'm having a big basic doubt! Say I have an RC circuit in series. Say I have a capacitor whose capacitance is very small, so that it can only have a few electrons on each one of its plates. Basically I can't have a great...
  19. T

    A Level Basic Refraction Help

    Hi guys, wondering if anyone can help me on this specific questions? Assume refractive index of air = 1 Speed of light in air = 3x10^8 ms Question 9c: Cheers guys really appreciate it!!
  20. C

    Basic dynamics problem help

    The acceleration of a part undergoing a machining operation is measured and is determined to be a=12-6t mm/s^2. When t=0, v=0. For the interval of time from t=0 to t=4s, determine (a) the maximum velocity; (b) the displacement. where to begin on finding max velocity do i plug in 4 for t in...