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    Simple Mechanics problem - rotating the rod with a ball attached on a string

    To the end [A] of the rod [AB] with a length of d = 1.35 m a thin string with a length of l = 1.16 m was attached, at the other end of which a ping-pong ball is attached. The bar began to rotate in a horizontal plane with a constant angular velocity ω = 2.08 / s around the end B. Find the radius...
  2. L

    Why does the ball not fall

    Saw this at walmart today: hopefully the video works, but why does the ball not fly off? Thanks Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
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    Ball Rolling up then down curved ramp

    Good morning everyone, I need help with solving a problem that is way over my head. I am trying to design and 3D print myself a tool that I can use to practice putting in golf. What I need help solving is that I want to hit a golf ball up a small curved ramp so that, after it reverses...
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    How to solve this throwing ball off cliff question

    Dear all, For b) I was curious why i couldn't use s = ut + 0.5at^2 as my equation as i had all the necessary known values.. instead to get the correct answer i had to use v=u + at why is this so. Thank you for your time Picture of Problem:
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    Rolling Ball

    Greeting to all I need small help to solve this problem . I have the answers but i could not reach it . Ans : (a) h = 2.7 R , (b) Fx = -(20/7)mg , Fy = - mg Best regards Razi Note : this problem is not homework !
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    Calculating wave height from a ball on a boat

    You are sitting on a boat looking at a ball rolling back and forth on a table as the boat rocks. The position of the ball is x(t) = asin(ωt), where a = 1.0 cm and ω = 0.2π/s. Estimate the size of the waves that are making the boat rock. (This will require you to make some assumptions, state...
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    Levitate a ball. Fans and blowers. HELP, WHICH USE.

    Hi, I have a question about fans and fluid mechanics. I need to use a fan for my carreer final proyect and im not sure what kind of fan use here. ( i have doubts about wich fan to use, high airflow fans or high static pressure fans). My project consist in levitate a ball(or any aerodynamic...
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    PLASMA BALL and Concave Mirror Trick

    I recently purchased a plasma ball and was trying to think up tricks to do with it and saw the concave mirror trick online where it creates a virtual image of a ball or a pig or whatever when inside to 2 concave mirrors with a hole in the top one. With that in mind I am wondering what would...
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    Can some body explain how the spin on the ball is accelarated

    Hi , I am not very good at physics , But it would be appriciated if some body explain how and why the spin (revs) on the ball is getting faster (accelarated) between the ball leaves the hand and pitched to the ground in the video from 1:18 to 1:30
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    Ball on inclined plan frictionless

    Hi there, I need help for this question. I assumed d=20 and m=2 since i cannot use conservation of energy i couldnt solve it. I found the acceleration which is mgsin30=4.9 i put it on the formula v (final velocity)=u(initial)+at^2 v=4.9t^2 when i put this on the formula...
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    Ball on ramp experiment (problem 2)

    This problem is based on my earlier problem: Let's say that we have the acceleration now. We also now have the ramp heighth. Is there any way we can take the acceleration of the ball down the ramp and find speed? We have the resourses from problem one and now the heighth.
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    ball on ramp experiment

    I am trying to find the speed of the ball going down the ramp. I have the following info: ball mass ramp length ramp angle ramp friction (and ball radius/diameter if needed but I would like to not have to use that:)) is it possible to figure out the speed with just that info and if so...
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    Dynamics: Cannon ball and the moving gun A cannon (mass mc) is standing on the ground before it fires a cannon ball (mass mb). At the time t0=0 the cannon ball is leaviing the gun at height hm above the ground with velocity V0 at angle alpha. Air resistance can be neglected. 1...
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    A ball rolling up a parabolic ramp

    Hi guys! I'm Alan and I'm new here. I hope that we will discuss physics problem solving and concepts freely. Today I need some help with this problem: Assume there is gravity, no friction and no external force acting on the system. A ball has an initial velocity of 5 m/s and climbs up a...
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    A ball rolling up a parabolic ramp

    Hi guys! I'm Alan and I'm new here. I hope that we will discuss physics problem solving and concepts freely. Today I need some help with this problem: Assume there is gravity and no external force acting on the system. A ball has an initial velocity of 5 m/s and climbs up a parabolic ramp...
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    Ball on string, conservation

    I am reviewing physics by going through "fundamentals of physics." I am working on a problem where a massless string of length L is connected to a ball, and is released from horizontal. directly below the top end of the string a distance d below is a peg. The distance between the peg and the...
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    Bouncing ball

    Hey Trying to help my daughter with her lab report, but failing miserably, hence this is my last option before I bow to her as a useless and uneducated father. "Describe the forces and impulses upon a ball when it bounces". I know it will be affected by gravitational force, hence it's...
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    Stress in a squeeze ball

    Hi, I have two squeeze balls with pressure sensors inside them. One squeeze ball(Ball A) has a sensor placed at the center while the other one(Ball B) has two sensors, placed very close to the two opposite surfaces. These squeeze balls act as an input to a game developed. Depending upon the...
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    III newton ball shape and cubic shape !?

    We have a two masses m one m is big and one m is small ( 1kg steel and 1kg wood ) two mass have different size ***************************************************** James Clerk Maxwell, in 1861–64, published his theory of electromagnetic fields and radiation, which shows that...
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    Calculation for a golf ball launcher

    Hi, I need your help. Is my calculation correct? We have to build a launcher that will be able to reach a target that is place anywhere in a prism 3m X 3m X 1m. The launcher have to used a golf ball and gravity as source of energy. I am trying to calculate what we need as energy. ...